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I've been pleasantly surprised to get back in touch with a lot of "O.G.'s" from the Steemit days who are now here because that's how change and evolution works. It's really brightened my days to know that through the ebbs and flows of life the only thing constant is change and that's A-Okay with me.
I'm getting on some fronts, some more free time and want to get more involved without being toooooo tied down to the platform that I wind up being surrounded by empty cups of Matcha and Pita chip wrappers. It's finding that balance that's hard because I 'm here to be a super duper influencer who makes lambo! I'm happy to be getting the support I'm getting and hope to grow in time as new opportunities arise, will leave the influencer stuff to Instagram and Twitter.


@inertia makes arts, I like it so here it is, Thanks for inspiring me to be all that I can be in the world of competitive blogging/eating

I'd love to hear about how all of you are doing and what you've been up to or what you're working on in the comments section below. My Homesteading time is coming more to a close so I have free time on my hands and like to chat and talk and network. In the next week or so am hoping to have a few more projects going on that if the stars align can have a couple of fun announcements. Have a great day or at least a decent day and remember that 2020 has been hard on basically everyone so an ounce of kindness and patience may really go a long way for some of us Hive folk.

  • Posts don't have to be essays to have an effect
  • These are tough times and a little empathy can accomplish more than a ton of snark
  • Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are platforms
  • Humor and having fun can be profitable, not everyone is a dev or has the time or energy to write all the time but may be techies (like me) behind the scenes on some things or help build up communities. Random things I felt like writing<<<<



Too busy.
I think I will have to shed one of my Cash-only jobs for more rest time.
A pay raise is coming.
Gosh, I'm not as young as I used to be, like 10 years ago I was 10 years younger! I could Mountain bike climb the Braid Street hill easy on my way home after work.
I'll have that tube flat fixed by Monday.
BUT first, nappy time 😴 Think happy thots.

I feel ya' chugging Matcha like it's water, gonna now be hyped to get thru today
one day , one day you will be on ghost hunters, I forsee it :P

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Speaking of OG, check out this community:


lol, joined it even though am 2017, figured I'd be help him out with that next level initiative
Initiative all the things

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Yeah, a different definition of OG, I guess. Actually, the dates are pretty arbitrary, so you got an Honorary OG title.

with all the crapola we've all collectively endured including Ned's hair always looking perfect as if to mock us, I'll take that title gladly

uv some of my own stuff on occasion, i put in money I want ROI which I'll be discussing on 2 shows, focusing on the HIVE one , def focusing on that one <3 big love

I was sooo close lol

Yes... you got it, @battleaxe.. always have!
Having fun, humor and be profitable at the same is the best scenario. And it will be in this community, with all us together... we got this!
Have a terrific weekend, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Amen sista! nothing wrong with some sparkly and shiny stuff and fun too ;)

2020 had been hard indeed but due to this Covid period I was able to connect in a different way and I love the fact we have a new community. It’s nice to meet you and let’s build the strongest community together

likewise, yes it has, it's been a crazy year and not in a good way, am hoping that it gives people some reflection time on how to use time in constructive ways vs. destructive. Glad to be in the community for sure! is awesome

Hope to see the announcements soon, you made me curious already. And about your thoughts, they are spot on. Kindness and patience go a long way, humor and having fun is probably most important on this kinda platforms, without that I don't think you'll 'survive'.

Have a great weekend Axey and Take care!

;) a lot is stuff not really too connected to here and some is , stuff in 'the works' thanks for your kind words and support...have a great weekend too :)

Making lambo.... I am surprised no one has made a lambo token. Maybe they have and I am so unplugged I done know. 😄 We could be handing out lambos right and left and earning so many lambos with a token.

I am working on nothing. So many people are using the pandemic to become prolific sourdough bread bakers and taking up new hobbies. I am just soaking up the slower pace. It feels a bit like being a kid again. Hanging out at home and in the neighborhood all the time. It is oddly comforting.

battleAxe-model_500-i (1).gif
here's my newest sexy selfie cause all us "Ladies" drop dem sexy selfies and pillow fight in bikinis right? ;) Have a great one dfinney

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