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Dear friends, this is my first post in the Ladies of Hive Community. I am attending to the invitation made to me by two talented ladies of Hive: @marcybetancourt and @justclickindiva.
I would like to say a few words about these two women before I start answering the questions of the call. Both are women of exceptional talent, generosity and enthusiasm. Each in her own way. @marcybetancourt is a blast (but she is also a sweet, sweet smile); @justclickindiva is a lake (and as I saw in one of her posts, she is also a panther). I agree with both of them in the calls for art competitions and I can say that I greatly admire @marcybetancourt's collages and creations with the IA Gaugan tool by @justclickindiva. If I were asked to recommend profiles on Hive, these two ladies would certainly be at the top of my list.

Let's move on to the Ladies of Hive Community Contest #7 call (by the way, ladies who read me, please participate!).

The Ladies of Hive Community asks three very interesting questions in the Contest #7:

1️⃣ What do you do for the environment and what is your best tip? Tell us about your 'Green' side!


Tarragon plant grown in my garden. Own photograph

I love nature. I understand the natural environment as a home and I firmly believe that we can all do some things to preserve its life. There are three things in particular that I do to serve this purpose:
A. I recycle the waste from my home as much as possible: organic is incorporated into the compost for my garden; other solid waste is incorporated into crafts (some I have shown here in hive).

Artesanía 1.png
Craftsmanship that incorporates recycling and the use of natural fibers, mainly bulrush and vetiver.

B. I cultivate an organic garden. Not only to help preserve the health of my family, but as a way to contribute to the conservation of the earth.

huerto 2.pngHuerto 3.png

Edible and medicinal plants grown in my garden.

C. I promote through craftsmanship the manufacture and conscious use of objects made with natural fiber. I have learned to weave with these fibers and I make useful objects with it. In addition, I extract natural dyes to dye the paper of my bindings and, sometimes, also textiles.

Tinte natural 1.png
Coloring tests on paper with various plants and cotton blouse dyed with dye extracted from some blue flowers that I grow (I don't know its name).

2️⃣ What animal(s) make the perfect combination to describe yourself? And why?


I would love to say that the cat describes me perfectly, because it is intelligent, cunning, fast, beautiful and can travel in time! But it's not like that, unfortunately. The animal that describes me is closer to a chimera.
I am reflexive and a little slow, like the capybara.
I have mood swings, like the cat. And, by the way, like the cat, I have a sometimes excessive curiosity.
I am sentimental, like a dog.
I can also be a bit arrogant, like the rooster.
In short, the most honest thing I can say is that I don't know what animal I am.

3️⃣ What music needs to be played at your funeral (or wedding, if you want to write about a happier occasion)?
Don't get me wrong, but I would love it if even cremation was not accompanied by this song!
Then, I would be grateful if my ashes were thrown in some wild place, full of trees and humble grass.


All the photographs are my own, taken with my cell phone.

Links of the images of animals:


I am very grateful to @brittandjosie and the incredible team of Las Damas de Hive for giving me the opportunity to talk a little bit about myself and to be able to show others my interests.


I invite these three ladies of Hive to follow the challenge:

🌸@evagavilan2, @alidamaria, @gracielaacevedo🌸



I love your craft items. You have a creative talent for turning unwanted items into beautiful treasures. I haven't ventured into compost yet as I don't have a garden. Thanks for joining in this challenge. Good luck in the contest.

I greatly appreciate your invitation, as it gave me the opportunity to show a little of the things I love to do!
Maybe you already know, but you can process with a little water the fruit and vegetable rinds that you are going to throw away and fertilize with the preparation your plants or the trees near your house.
A big hug!

Thank you so much for the tip. I didn't know that.

Wow las Damas de Hive how cool !
Thank you for your answers and I think the recycle products are so beautiful.
It’s a power so see new things through old and worn stuff have a great weekend

Thank you, @brittandjosie, it is a precious idea that is being cultivated in the Ladies of Hive Community. I know that a lot of wonderful women are participating. A beautiful initiative! Larga vida!

Gracias por la invitación @adncabrera, ya tengo dos pendientes pues @marcybetancourt también me invitó.
Ya sabes... lo haré a mi tiempo y en cuanto sea posible. Quisiera tener horas y horas para participar en todos los retos y proyectos pendientes. Todo llegará. Me encantó tu publicación y sobre todo ese toque tremendo que le das al final con la canción que has elegido. Me reí mucho y perdona porque se trataba de un tema serio.
La pregunta más difícil es la del animal.

Dear @evagavilan2, what can I say? I still owe you the participation in the poetry challenge!
You know I'm a bit of a handful with the rough stuff. It's an old method to conjure up the things that scare us. Laughter is a great defense. On the other hand, Mick Jagger is a soul mate of mine. I love him!

A well-written article!
The ladies you mentioned are great members of the Ladies of Hive community. You are in good company.
Welcome to the Ladies of Hive Community and good luck wth the contest!

Thank you very much for the kind comment. I have been very lucky to meet wonderful ladies on this platform. These women have driven me and helped me to grow!

Yes, and I encourage you to write more!
Take care, @adncabrera 🥰🌺🤙

Oh, Thanks!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

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Oh, thank you! It's an amazing community you are growing. Congratulations!

Creating products and crafts using naturally organic sourced materials rather than plastics and manufactured fibres materials is a great proactive way of caring for our environment and keeping the economy close to home if traded locally. An alternative to mass produced and imported plastic products.

Thank you for sharing @adncabrera , Good Luck 🌱

Thank you very much, lady 🌼. That conviction is what guides me.

Dear @adncabrera. You made a very special publication with great dedication.
You protect the environment because you are a very conscious person. You have also found ways to recycle and make crafts that are admirable!

As for the animal, I didn't find a complete resemblance to a specific animal either. We are getting more thoughtful over the years!

And I laughed a lot with the video The Rolling Stone and your sarcastic comment!

I'm very happy to have mentioned you. A big hug!

PS. By the way @alidamaria made a wonderful post in this community!

Gracias, linda. Te abrazo, @marcybetancourt.

Thank you, dear @marcybetancourt. In the animal, modesty gave me not to include the scorpion, but you understand me...🤣
I will visit the post of the beautiful @alidamaría. I know it will be as amazing as yours.

Dear @adncabrera, first of all I want to congratulate you for such an excellent publication. Besides, I want to put on record that of all those you tell there is true because I have been one of the people who benefited from your mini-garden. Two days ago, I told you -by phone- that of all the gifts you have given me since we met, the best one has been the tarragon bush, because I use it daily in almost all my meals. And I have liked it so much that I have three and from there I have given them to other friends and neighbors of my urbanization, who are just as happy as I am.
Thank you for inviting me to challenge #7, which I gladly accept, in the same way that I accepted @marcybetancourt's challenge, in due course. So I'm already on it. Thank you, @Ladies of Hive community, for giving us this magnificent opportunity to describe ourselves as we are.

I rejoice in my heart that the tarragon in my garden is damaging culinary joys in many homes. A hug, my dear!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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