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Family Time!

In an effort to accommodate more people, 'Family Times' have been moved back to Fridays at 5 p.m. CST/6 p.m. EST. We have a few things to discuss, like what direction we should take with curation, so please come with bells on. Also, would love to hear some New Year's stories! Party on!

If you are unfamiliar with #thealliance, we are a band of psychopathic mercenaries bent on assassinating the filth that clutters the gutters of the Hive blockchain. One time, we found this loony bin batshit burglar and we decapitated him in front of the firing squad that had lined up to shoot him. Then we took the heads of the firing squad. Sometimes we help each other grow too. You know, support and stuff.

Want to support the fam too?
Join #thealliance curation trail!
Come visit with us in The Castle!
Delegate to the family account - @thealliance!
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Wao wao, it sounds very good and fun this meeting of a fabulous family that I feel part of. I'll be looking forward to this evening, hoping my internet connection will be good (if it is bad, I'll send it to the firing squad). A hug for this beautiful family! @thealliance💖🤗😙

😂😂 Hahahaha... OMG
You are such a nut.. Made me giggle alot... Your way with words is awsomeness. Can I join the family? I know I am butt crazy but I might fit in 😁 lol
Nah... NO better place to be than here in @thealliance 🤗
Thank you for always making us feel loved and welcome ❤️ Love You

Una banda de psicópatas!!!... jajajaja... apoyo y esas cosas... jajajaja. Bueno es hora de aportar ideas productivas... Saludos familia de la Alianza.

I thought it was all about ruling the world with a horde of flying elephant monkeys? Hrm... I might be in the wrong Discord.

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Hi @thealliance i have attempted to re-claim my delegation from steemit three times now but nothing seems to be happening it still hasn't released me from your delegation am i doing some thing wrong can you please inform me on how this delegation can be sent back to my wallet. Thank you in advance

This is the process i went though clicked on the "X" entered my active key...then clicked on OK



active key or private active key, because there are 2 of them, also, would be better to use steem keychain I think and also think you can do it right in keychain

Thank you @thealliance have done it using steem keychain will keep you updated. Hope it works this time...Cheers 👍