Lucky Fishes are ready for Team Up @

in BRO SGNlast year

Hey is about to start the most important event in the world of Poker (after the World Series of Poker), of course I refer to the Team Up that will be held at

To participate we have created a fantabulous team that will finish with all those mortals who dare to call our raises. Our team of little fishes is ready to show that they are the luckiest and will be able to win this competition, because we all know that in poker the most important thing is to be lucky, right?

gif made with Gimp

The powefull Lucky Fishes team is formed by @maryed (missypurple), @gerber and me, @darthgexe. Just forming this team makes us win the grand prize, and I think that the people of BROsinoPoker should give it to us immediately, and avoid humiliating the other teams, because we are the lucky winners.

Our team is already listed on

Come to play poker with us

If you hadn't heard about BROsinoPoker let me inviting you to participate in their poker tournaments, there are multiple freeroll tournaments you can participate in for free, it doesn't matter if you don't know how to play poker, I don't know how to play either and I have won many HIVE tokens, enough to have a coffee.

Also, from tomorrow the competition will be interesting with the team up battles.

You can find more information about the Team Up event in this post


¡Eso es, vamos por el premio!

Vamos equipo, Lucky Fishes FTW!.

Damn! Your GIMP skills are better than mine! Well, for your team's sake, I hope your poker skills are as well!

I don't know if I have enough skill but I feel very lucky for this event, be careful with us. 😄

I can help you design a logo for your team if you want, free of charge of course, contact me in discord if you are interested.

Thank you so much for the offer, but we have one!