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RE: Is This Life Really Fair?

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Which life? This one? Definitely not fair. There are a few billionaires, and most of the people are poor. They are struggling. Live day by day. I have a low, pension-like income, and I work in a 4 hours part-time job, but my total income still does not reach the minimum wage. I live in financial discrimination in central Europe (Hungary). And there are many other people like me.

How would all of this be fair?


Your own view of life is not fair, it's your opinion about life and you are allowed to own it. I can't disagree with your view neither will I say I agree with you. Thanks for stopping by.

I can't disagree with your view

You already did by saying "Your own view of life is not fair".
What I wrote above are facts about life, not my opinion.

I never said it's not fair, read again.

Now I understand that you acknowledged that my view of life is not fair, so this is my opinion about it, and I can have it.

Am I right?

Sorry, I am not a native English speaker. Misunderstandings may happen.

Misunderstanding is already happening, how about you write in your native language I can always translate it so we don't mix up what we are both say. What's your native language?

Hungarian, which is very far from English.
As far as I know, nowadays online translator applications are not work very well with Hungarian. By the way, usually I properly understand English, but misunderstandings may still happen, sometimes even in your own language.

Okay. From my article, I was saying that life is actually fair it depends on what angle each individual is viewing life from.