Green Quote: “I plant trees because I know what will happen if we fail to plant trees”

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#GreenQuote of the Week


Members of @thegreens donating some trees to Bambili Students Association

“I plant trees because I know what will happen if we fail to plant trees”


Green greetings Steemians,
We start this week with a quote on tree planting. This quote emphasizes on the importance of tree planting education. If we all learn about the importance of trees, it will motivate us to plant trees and once we know what will happen if we fail to plant trees, we will never give up planting trees.
Failing to plant trees means;

  • More fierce weather conditions characterized by floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc
  • Less food and medicine
  • Less water and a significant decrease in biodiversity
  • Less wood for our woodworks and construction engineering
  • More polluted air, water and land
  • More heat, etc

The role of trees in the ecosystem is very vital for humanity’s survival for posterity. This explains why we must keep on planting trees. Some of the benefits trees provide include;

  1. Trees provide us oxygen
  2. Trees store and purify water
  3. Trees provide food and medicine e.g. Avocado fruit trees give us avocadoes meanwhile the Prunus africana is medicine for malaria and prostate cancer
  4. Trees are playmates
  5. Trees provide us shade
  6. Trees add beauty to our property
  7. Trees provide fuel wood and timber for our woodworks
  8. Trees provide shade
  9. Trees are home to other flora and fauna
  10. Trees absorb the toxic gases we emit in the atmosphere, hence curb climate change.

Now that you know a few things that will happen if we fail to plant trees and the importance of trees, I am sure you will keep on planting trees or supporting organizations that plant trees.
Have a tree week!

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I have 5 trees in my garden waiting to be planted out - a moringa I have propagated and 4 young frangipanis I have struck from prunings. Yesterday I planted out a papaya tree I grew from seed.

Hearing you. Appreciating. Love your jacket. :)

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