ecoTrain Question Of The Week #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?

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This is my participation on the ecoTrain Question Of The Week #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?

I thought a while, what would I choose? And I got the answer instantly, yes, this human life. I love this life very much. I am satisfied with all of these I have and those I had.

I really enjoy my life. But there are some cherish as if I could travel all over the world. Even beyond the world!

If I could fly on the sky, like a bird, or on the deep sea like a fish. But yet I would be happy by a plane and a boat.

I have randomly discussed about my choice for the next life. I hope you will enjoy it.


The QOTW is back, and continuing on the spiritual theme! Do you believe in the afterlife, or rebirth? Have you ever felt like life is like a grand show, a great game that we all get to play time and time again. Perhaps that is why we are all so addicted to games in general?! What if when you die you meet a great being, and that being lets you choose what or who you can incarnate as in your next life. You are free to choose anything you like, and you can choose to go anywhere and at any time that you wish. Your only limitation is that it has to be in the 3rd dimension, so you cannot choose heaven or hell.

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Its interesting to know your wish to be in the next life. Travelling is also one of my hobbies as well but sometimes its really difficult to manage time. If i would be associated with travel agent, then i could travel more. But, like you i am also satisfied with my profession. I can't travel more although its my hobby due to some physical condition.

I shall participate in this QOTW of ecotrain as the topic is very interesting.

I never thought about this topic before but I am very curious about a bird's life, maybe I will choose it for myself if I get the chance...

It's cool, you want to fly on the endless sky. Nice choice.

You may make a vlog about this question of the week initiative by ecoTrain. This week question seemed to me very interesting.

And bird, obviously after human being, my second choice would be also this flying animal.

I wanna be a 🐦

You may participate on the question of the week about this topic, I think bird is a nice choice for this contest.

I must incarnate a tree.. may be a banyan tree