Ecotrian QOTW - Season 6 #5: Is Life Fair?

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Due to my busi-ness, I was not able to partake in the QOTW for last week ecotrain topic but since I am less busy this week, I have found the time to partake in this wonderful question reflection topic: IS LIFE FAIR OR UNFAIR?. Before writing this entry, I have gone round to read the entries of other authors to this topic and there have been wonderful replies but anyways if you want to read the original topic post and the entries of other authors, you can check in the post here.

Most times, we ask ourselves this question "Is Life Fair?" after putting so much effort into something and do not get the desired result. For this reason many don't believe in "KARMA" i.e. A person receiving the result of his actions wither good or bad.

Many refer life to be fair only when things turns out the way they want. No body is left out from having this kind of mindset including me. Though, I feel and know that no matter the situation we may be, our struggles and actions are only what that can change things. It may not be immediate but would definitely happen.

The truth is, there is no factor to measure the fairness of Life. Life is just Life and would remain unpredictable but still, it gives us the chance to bend it to our will. There are so many people who were not born with silver spoon but yet they are made today.

Looking at my journey on Hive for instance; During my early days, I envied a lot people earning large payout on their post especially those people applying little efforts on their articles and yet getting lots of rewards. Sure, I did question myself "why is this person getting higher that I am?" but the only thing which I did that I know was right was not just staying down questioning myself: "why this is this and that is that" but working tirelessly on my personal development.


Life is never fair but yet we have the chance to work things the way we want. At this stage of my Life, the perception in which I see life is that whatever we want, we have to work tirelessly for it even though it may not guarantee we get it immediately. Though, Life may choose to be nice by bringing it right at our table and it maybe the other way round so one need to be attentive towards opportunities that pass by.


One more thing about Karma. Karma is said to be a response or result to what ever action we may have taken but the thing about karma is when would the result show forth. It may come in 5 years, it may come in 10 years and it may come over our coming generation, we just don't know. I remember of a story Bill gate once said about a newspaper vendor he met when he wasn't yet rich. This vendor gave him money most of the time for transportation to his destination when he was out of cash during the times he travelled to that location. It was not that he knew the vendor from anywhere but the vendor kept showing some act of kindness to young Bill gate unknowingly years to come, the person he is helping would be one of the richest men in the World. Of course, Bill Gate went in search of this vendor years after, and gave him an open check.


Looking at the children aspect. The statement that "Life is not fair" is very common. I remember that my parents gave my younger sister much attention and pampers her a lot, and also buys more clothes for my older ones. The thought Why am I Left Out? came across my mind but as I had said earlier, we would never say Life is fair unless it comes to our own satisfaction. Nowadays, little kids ignore the most of the things they have gotten over one little thing they did not get and yet they complain and feel they have been treated unfairly.

I can remember about 5 years ago when I was planning to study abroad. I wrote Sat and TOEFL exams, I got an okay score but after all the processing, just at the middle of it all, my dad said he is not supporting my travelling again due to some reasons. I was hurt and pained. My friends got their admission and left the country while I was left behind. I asked my self this question "WHY ME?". I was close to achieving a dream and it all went by. it hurt for some days but sooner later I began to appreciate some things about not travelling.

Not that I no longer want to travel but maybe it was not my time yet or could be because I still had some things to experience before leaving but one thing I know and appreciate for staying back is the fact that the college I went into was where I met the person who introduced me into this great platform that has changed and contributed to my life and growth as a person. So, this has made me look at life in a way that any event that happens to me whether good or bad is for a cause. It is left to me to choose how I want to take and feel about it, then work towards moving above my challenges.

That is all for now, thank you for reading if you have read through so far to this point. I really appreciate.


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Great scenarios here.
You never know why God decided to use your dad to turn down the traveling arrangement.
Like they say that every disappointment is a blessing in disguise.
Who knows if you would attain this financial state had it been you traveled out of the country to study?
Who can tell how life would have treated you over there?
Life fairness shouldn't be measured by the treatments we receive.

Yeah, truth... Who knows... I have been thinking about it. That time, I felt life was not fair but now, I actually don't know what to call it. Everything happens for a reason. Thanks for coming by, I appreciate 😊

Well put mate. I have stopped worrying about the fairness of life. Life is what we make of it. It can be difficult in the face of many diversities but we learn to walk through it.

I have had many difficult situations in life that have made me question a lot of things, even God. I don't have all the answers but I have tried to live through it.

I believe that everything that happens in this life has its reason for being and is always looking for improvement, good that you see it that way now.

Yeah, truth... Thanks so much for coming by.


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