ecoTrain QOTW #22 🦜 If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life❓

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In response to @EcoTrain ‘s reincarnation question, I would like to return as a bird for the next life. Read and see why.

Reincarnation In My Culture


In Cambodia there are so many that people believe on Buddhism. We believe in good deeds and good karma and bad karma. Humankind has so much karma, I don’t want to be born as a person again. If I can I don’t want to die and don’t want reincarnation also, because it means life is not real.


In Buddhism, Buddha teach we reincarnate as person or animal there due to our karma. We have a belief that to be born into a human is to have less karma than animal. Buddha say, all life in this world has karma, only a forever death has no karma. We try to make a celebration for the future.

What Would I Reincarnate As?


I really don’t know when I die I will reincarnate what, but if I can select one I want to return as a bird.

Sometimes I wonder this world really have return reincarnation or not? I d onot believe 💯 but I really believe in good deeds 💯.

Why A Bird?


When I was young I think a lot, I want to have wings like a bird and I will fly everywhere I want.

I will leave so far from the people and live in the forest, happy with nature and not care about everything like people do.

Born into humankind gives so many problems in life, I think life like the birds has a lot freedom. If have problems sometimes it’s smaller than people problems.


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I completely agree! Actually I have thought about this quite a bit in the past, and made my decision: If I was to reincarnate, I would like to be a raven in the Grand Canyon. Ravens are very smart, and quite funny birds. I always enjoy watching them (as they like to watch me, I've noticed). And the Grand Canyon is so magnificent that you can't fully comprehend it, unless you see it from above. Even then, you need years to explore that system of canyons, so living there as a raven would be the only way. That's it. But is this enough to write a whole post to answer this QOTW?

Hi, @stortebeker I can’t understand but my husband translated for me and I watched the video there place it’s a very beautiful place and amazing. This place made me want to live also. Thank you very much for your comment and I'm sorry for the last reply.

No worries about the late reply, I'm always happy to hear from you. And also, I understand that English is not your first language, so maybe I should take it easy on you... Hahaha, but I'm also a language teacher, and I know that you will benefit from any interaction.

Thank you also for inspiring me to write my reply to the same question of the week. I used this idea about the raven, and expanded on it a little. And yes, I agree: the Southwest of the US and the Northwest of Mexico is incredibly beautiful.

Greetings to you and your family. I'm really happy to see all of your posts here. You are making the Hive experience so much richer.

If I was to reincarnate I would like to come back as a rich human and use all my money to feed and look after all the poor people because they deserve good like everyone else in this world 😊

That's very a great idea my friend, so you don’t forget me I want to have some money from you also lol!

I will not forget you 😊

Hmmm animals have less karma? That makes perfect sense to me intuitively but seems to contradict with the buddhists I’ve met in this part of Asia who say that animals are somehow lower than humans and further from enlightenment....or maybe I misunderstood them?

This is why I learn from intuition.

Hmmm maybe I need to join in this weeks question

Hi @whatamidoing you are right! I’m sorry about that, my English is not good, have so many words I don’t know. I want to write born less human than animals but I not clear I right or not. My husband helps me some words but he thinks wrong about what I want to mean.

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