Winter garden update - Asparagus

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Where I am squatting there are rows of Asparagus growing. No they are not invisible, but just underground. The crowns underneath the soil are waiting warmer temperatures to arrive and then I should be getting little sticks poking above the surface. These are known as perennials as they come back every year. And I hope after a few years of them growing, dying back and growing again I will be able to harvest their tasty greens. Though I must wait a few years to have the crowns underground get enough strength to allow me to harvest some.

So for now I will just let them grow out and do their thing, but in a few years I hope to eat them. Eventually where I am standing will just be a large patch of fern like growth and I would not even be visible when they are fully mature. But they have a long way to go. Last year the Asparagus stalks grew to just a few feet tall, but if they keep at it they should eventually reach seven feet tall! Thats taller than me and I am really looking forward to having such a large edible plant in my garden.

Asparagus has some special needs before planting, such as digging rows to allow horizontal growth of its roots. Also, its important to soak them before placing in the ground. I failed do to the later and may have suffered some failure from the crowns. I planted close to a hundred of them but only got maybe 20-30 of them to come up. So taking time to prep them is very important if you want a successful outcome with these crowns.

The appearance of the stalks is quite interesting, at first they grow just like the stalks you see sold at supermarkets. But then if not picked they will grow out fern like fronds. They are very small and the flowers produced are even smaller, barely can be seen unless you are right next to them.

It may be a few months until I see them emerge from the ground, but I am pretty sure they are alive down there. Since last year was the first time for me growing them I do not know what to expect. But when they come up I will make another video to give an update on the situation.

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What climate do they need?

Its quite hardy once mature, it grows in USDA zones 2-11. And needs regular watering... a few inches a week of water and then an inch of water a week once mature from what I have read.

Mine are under 8 inches of snow right now. I planted 30 a couple years back and have been able to get a few stalks so far. This year should be the first real production year for them so I'm hoping they pop back nicely. My mother in law has some that she transplanted from their farm to their new property in town about 15 years ago which took off. The things were over 50 years old when she transplanted them and they are doing amazing. Asparagus just needs time.

Nice! Yeah I hear its a long term investment growing them so glad I started some last year. Looking forward to them getting huge over time.

50 years old.. wow those must be some big ol crowns.

they really are tall when they grow completely I just seem few images on the internet. ya you are tight you may not be visible indeed. 😀🙏

Hah yeah I saw a woman standing next to one and it was taller than her. Looking forward to having massive plants like I have seen in the pictures as well.

That's great sir , I will sure take time to grow that much tall , good luck sir.

I never realised asparagus grow like that. I've seen on TV, farms harvest them with people stomach face down on the tractor's platform and cutting the stalks off as the tractor move slowly across the field. That was quite amazing to watch. Hopefully you'll get a good harvest in the years to come. How many years typically do you have to wait?

Hah yeah same here, until I looked into it I thought it grew just like we see at markets. Oh cool I need to see how they harvest that, ill look that up.

Thanks alot, from what I have read it takes three or four years to grow to maturity were it can handle annual harvests.

Nice effort to gardening.

thanks alot...