Summer Garden Update: Strawberry pots

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I started these plants in early spring, and really impressed with how much growth they have put on. We have had dozens of Strawberries to eat between May and June. Now its mostly just putting on vegetative growth. These plants in the pots did much better than my hanging Strawberries. I think due to them having much more root space. Though I wonder if the pots have become too crowded. It seems like its producing less now that the pot is completely full of plants.

To test this @activate.alpha and I planted some of the runners into their own pot with alot of space. Curious to see if they produce large Strawberries. If so I need to thin out these pots. And to do that I will need some more pots.. Haha soon enough ill a dozen pots just for Strawberries. If I can find a way to keep the Yellowjackets from feeding on them maybe I can enjoy them more. The early Spring they did great and we got alot, but as summer moved on. Many animals, insects and birds fed on the berries.

I think at this point in the year I will leave them alone and let them just do their thing. Since the making of this video I have trimmed off all the runners coming out of the pots and placed them in their own containers.

Quite impressive these plants produced fruit within a month or two of planting. Now I just have to figure out what they want so they will produce more. I think spacing them out will help alot. Maybe Ill build an aeroponic system for them so they each have their own space. Though thats a project alone and maybe Ill save that for when I have a little more time.

I show off my Hive planter as well, adding the blockchain logo to the sides of the box. At the moment they are holding up pretty well but we shall see if they swell up over time. The building material of this planter is not the best so I hope they will hold up. Otherwise I may need to buy some clay pots.

Really glad we started growing Strawberries again, and looking to do more cool things with them. Even if the hanging planters did not work I have other ideas for some garden projects using them in the future.

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Strawberries only like the cold climates, nobody plants them here in my place @solominer except in the mountainous areas where they are transported here to the supermarkets while the off sizes are turned into strawberry jams :P

Really? I did not know they like the cold. It's real hot were I live and they are doing great. It gets cold too but they arent growing during our winters.

Mmm the jams are good. My favorite is Raspberry jam.

Wonderful, started producing fruits within two months of planting them? That's quite surprising. When you talk about Spacing them, do you mean like transplanting them?

Yeah sure is. I was amazed the grew so quick.. must be the fastest any plant I've grown that's gone to fruit.

That's suprising too, two months is really a short period of time but then the growth is fascinating and amazing.

spacing them does work the trick, learn this some time ago.

Great work.

Ah okay, good to know. I'll need to find a good system to space them out in.


Greetings friend, I congratulate you for the great work, the strawberry in a very demanding crop, it is excellent that you have achieved the harvest in such a short time, you have favorable soil and climate conditions

See you later, my friend, we will keep in touch! 👍

Thanks alot, yeah I have been learning that they are quite demanding.

Yes The South has excellent growing conditions. We have long summers, fertile soil and relatively mild winters.

Planning on trying them again next year too.. will do, I curated one of your posts btw.

Thanks friend for the support, we are in this platform to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences, we continue in communication !

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