Summer Garden Update: Blackberry Plants

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This is the second time I have tried to establish Blackberry bushes. The first time I made the critical mistake of leaving the stalks too long when planted. This time around I cut them down to just a few inches before placed in the ground. And sure enough this way of propagation worked.

I now have about a dozen Blackberry plants growing, they are very small right now and will probably not produce fruit for awhile. But I think within a few years these should be very nice. It is native to Georgia and I see them all over the place. So I think it will have no problems with being here. I planted some in an area with full sun. And then some others in an area where its mostly sun from morning till afternoon. We shall see how the berries turn out in each location. I am pretty sure the ones with the longer sun light cycle will do better.

With my Raspberries having troubles I decided to go the route of trying a similar plant. But not the same so hopefully what killed the Raspberry plants will not do the same to the Blackberry plants.

I am surprised how much growth the Blackberry plants have already put on. With them only being in the ground for a few months they have all put on about a foot of growth. One day they will be taller than me, I have walked through power line cuts where they grow eight to ten feet tall.

These plants have spines on them, like roses have. But if I am careful I do not need to wear gloves to handle. And when it comes to picking the berries I may get a little cut up but that fine for many berries collected.. haha

Looking forward to having my own berries, the closest place I know that has a bunch in the wild is an hour away. So having them so close to me will be quite nice.

Hope this winter they do well and go dormant, maybe next year I will get even more growth from them.

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I hope that you would get more berries with those @solominer I just assume that birds would pluck the fruits before you can get a hold of them :D

We do not have those blackberries here in my place but there is some type that everyone is ignoring, it just sate like a cucumber and when it ripens it has a color of like an eggplant and a bit sour but no quite but it is not a Berry.

One of my friends laughs at me when I try to eat those but they are delicious but again it is so ignored that it has no name.

I found it, and it is called what it states like "Pipinong Gubat" or "Wild cucumber" :D


Hah yeah the birds go after by blueberries but idk if they would want my blackberries.

Cool plant but it would not survive in my climate. Gets too cold here for it to survive. Maybe when I have a green house one day I can have some more mild temperature plants.

Hah I'd try it.

Live and learn.. Now you have a black berry patch..😀

Hah yeah nothing in life is for certain. Sometime you just got to go with the flow.

Don't get discouraged if you think your Raspberry plants died. Mine did the same thing then came back out of nowhere 2yrs later. Also the plants might not produce the first year. Those stalks/branches are called Primocanes, the next year they turn into fruit bearing Floricanes. Good luck with them!

Yeah true, they may come back when they are ready. Mine were ten years old when the virus showed up so I had about fifteen feet of brambles.

Thanks for the info

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