Spring Garden Update - Goji shrubs

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These bushes are just barely anything right now, but from looking at what other goji's look like I think they will get quite big eventually. I have three of them around the garden and hoping in a couple years I will get berries from them. But for now I hope they grow more leaves and get bigger, they seem to grow slow when small and I have seen some insects trying to feed on the leaves as well so its a hard life for the goji bush.

It would be nice to have some desert like shrubs around the garden the only other kind I have is the sun opener plant so would be cool to have some more bushes that are meant for arid environments. Hoping they also like alot of rain as we get that too,

Checking on the plant to make sure no caterpillars or slugs are eating them, they seem to like the leaves alot. But since these plants are young I want to minimize how much damage is done so they have a better change of surviving.

With new growth I look forward to it getting bigger. From what I have read they can be anywhere from three to fix feet tall when pruned. And if let be and just grown then up to twelve feet.

Glad to see three are holding on, I planted six of them a few years back but not all settled.

Some flowers formed on them as well, hoping they will turn into berries.

These plants are only a couple years old, so if they are anything like the fruit on the cherry trees the flowers will form but not produce fruit yet.

The leaves have a sparkle to them, not sure what that is about. But seems they are happy with just the watering they get from the rains of the seasons. I have not needed to give them any additional water yet. But if I see them struggling I will.

Pretty cool how big they can get one day, too bad they drop all of their leaves in the winter. Otherwise they could make a great privacy screen when large. I guess for the summer and fall you would have cover but the winter they would be all bare.

In this video I walk around and show the goji shrubs and talk about each on how they are doing adjusting to their new homes. We also see some closeups of the plants as I get close and zoom in on the stems and leaves of the shrubs.

YouTube Video Link


Love to see that wood chip mulch, the soil underneath must be beautiful 🤩

Thank you, its been a multi year project now. And yes when I dig down the first thing I find is mycelium which is great. And then there is dark soil forming as the mulch breaks down.

That's awesome, what tree are those chips from? Have you had any mushroom fruiting bodies growing there?

A mix of hardwoods and softwoods. I prefer hardwoods as the chips last longer. So its usually whatever the tree trimmers cut and grind up.

Yes I do :-) I see mushrooms popping up throughout the year. Wood loving mushrooms just go crazy in the mulch, since its already broken up for them. Easy to the fungi to break down.