Planting 75 Balloon Flowers

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I bought a pallet of flowers, normally I only buy a dozen or less. But I found a great deal on bulk flowers. And a kind that I happened to have planted the year before. So I know I like these, I went ahead and bought more. Platycodon grandiflorus is a perennial that produces balloon shaped flowers. They are quite unique looking and its a hardy plant in the area that I live.

So with all of these little plants to start I got to digging. I do not expect all of them to survive but hoping many of them will. It is the middle of the summer while planting these. But by next year we should know which ones hung on over the winter.

I set up my action camera and do some video lapse of me digging, and placing the little plants into holes and then back filling. Took me a good part of the morning to get all that digging and planting done. But I am sure long term these plants will be a great edition to the garden. Just got to make sure they get enough water between rains.

From what I have read these plants are medicinal as well. They may exhibit neuroprotective, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-allergy, improved insulin resistance, and cholesterol lowering properties.

The roots can be used to make a tea called Doraji-cha. Though I do not want to dig them up and kill them just to make some tea. Maybe if they expand for a few years I can take some root, but for now they need everything they got.

I do not see these flowers much in the states, but from what I have read they are quite popular in Japan, Korea and China. The type I got are called Astra Blue, due to the bright blue coloring of the petals of the flower.

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I also have the Astrid blue ones and I will tell you that you're one of my favorite because Aster perennial status coming up year after year and the fact that they bloom forever and ever, all season long. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to deadhead or they will not rebloom. If you just have done you will be rewarded with Beauty all season long.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

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Oh nice! Good to hear they are great flowers. And I'll keep that in mind and treat them like roses I want to flower.

Thanks alot for the tip and comment.

You do know they will come up year after year, right? Bigger and better every year!

Yep, I got them because they are perennials. I like to plant and forget, annuals are alot of work ever year and I tend to stay away from those that do not come back.

Thats great, looking forward to getting big ones. I have one Balloon flower plant thats already a year old and its been quite busy producing flowers.

It will produce until frost!

Great job my friend, I don't know that plant, I hope later you don't show them when they are already established 👍

Thanks alot, yeah seems it's not all that well known. And will do, maybe next year they will have some nice flowers.

I will wait for a photo of their flowering.

Platycodon grandiflorus withstand high temperatures?

Okay will do :)

Yes we get very hot summers and they do fine as long as they get watered every few days.

I'll look at your photos of these flowering plants and maybe I would like to plant them too :-)

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