Painting the bat house

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Last year I built a structure for bats to rest in. Though I did not have time to paint it then. So today I took the time to get some paint and put a few coats of light grey paint on the bat house.


I got together some exterior paint to coat the home with. This will protect the structure from sunlight, rain and snow. I plan on installing it up high outside so the Bats will prefer it.


I used light grey paint due to where I live. Depending on how hot summers can get will vary the color of the preferred home. Otherwise it will stay too cold or too warm inside.


The mosquito's were out in force so I kept my coil near by to keep them at bay.


A small slot made for different stages of Bat growth. I painted in the bare spots.


Painting the front I used a roller and brush to get in spots it wouldnt otherwise reach.


I turned it over and used a rock to keep it from touching the wet paint. Thought it was going to fall though that never happened.


Dont mind the messy wood, it was all built with scraps. Used nails, adhesive and caulk for most of it.


Painting the back side is complete and now I must wait a few hours for it to dry. I'll add another coat to when when it's ready and then it will go up somewhere. Though I dont know exactly where just yet.


Hope I sealed it up well enough for the Bats. I guess I'll just have to install it and see if the box gets attention. Otherwise I may have to rework the design or move it to a better location.


Bat house sounds creepy in terms where the Covid came from)

Hah.. I think rabies is my biggest concern when it comes to bats. At least the kind that live around me.

At least now you know to mention them if you ever get some strange illness going.

Most doctors these days aren't trained to look for rabies right off the bat.

If I got rabies by the time I would have noticed it would be too late in afraid. One of those things I'll try to avoid at all costs.

Hah I see what you did there :)

The classic foaming is the point of no return. There are other symptoms, but since it's so rare in the US, most ER doc probably have never seen it.

I see you noticed. :v

Amazing work! A friend of bats is a friend of mine!

Thanks alot. Hoping they eat the bugs at night. I see them flying around light posts at night sometimes.

Nah I'll have to look into it.

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