One of my rose bushes has the rosette virus

in ecoTrain2 months ago (edited)

I have around five rose bushes in my property. They are all scattered about. But one of them seems to be sick. And from what I've read it's not curable. This is known as rose rosette virus.

This virus is spread by mites, and can be passed onto other rose bushes.


I noticed during the winter there was some new growth but a tree that fell hit the plant breaking it in many places. It seems the plant got weakened enough to get this virus.


It's a climbing rose and had a bamboo support structure. But when the tree fell it hit all of that and broke it. So now it just sits sadly with this weird growth on it.


From what I've read its suggested that I dispose of this rose bush. And make sure not to use any of it in compost or mulch.


Sucks to see it sick like this. It's about four years old now and was really starting to put on good growth. But if I do not get rid of it I could find this virus spreading to my other rose bushes near by.


Only one part of the bush has this weird growth. The other areas are growing just fine.


I feel bad to have to dispose of this plant. But I think sometimes you have to do it for the greater good of the rest of the plants around it.


Even a mask won't help ..

Hah yeah, I dug up the plant today. It was forming even more of those rosettes so had to chop it and pull its roots from the ground.