My Akebia fruit opened up

in ecoTrain5 months ago

This is the first time I have grown such a fruit. So I dont know what to expect from them. But a few days ago the fruit split open on it's own. From what I have ready that means its ripe.


Such a weird looking fruit, I'm not sure what to do with it. And since I only got one theres not alot of it to make something out of.


Not sure how long it was open for by the time I saw it. But observing the fruit it just looked a little bigger until I turned it over and found it wide open.


It does not have any smell to it. And I have not tried cutting any off to taste yet. Just glad I got my vine to fruit all the way to ripeness.


The skin has gone from green to a dull brown color. Maybe it will keep ripening.


My Bees may be the ones to thank for this fruit. My Akebia vine flowers in the early spring when most is still dormant. So the Bees make good use of the plant.


That is one crazy looking fruit!

One of the weirdest I've seen. Looked alot more normal until it split open.. like something out of an alien movie.. hahaha

A fruit? I thought it was a sausage in a bun! 😂 I have not heard of this before!

Haha you are not the only one that thought that. Yeah its a fruit that grew on my Akebia vine. Its only fruited twice in about seven years.

They are really weird looking 🤭

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Haha sure is

Awesome plant! It looks like a hot dog 🌭 :)

Hehe it does look like one. If it tastes like one I'll be shocked. :p

Looks Alien. Curious to what it tastes like. And how you prepare/cook/eat it..?

Yeah sure does look weird. Me too I wonder what it's like. I have not tried it yet. I need to read up on to prepare it.

A very strange fruit !!!
I hope you try it next time and share your impressions :-)

It sure is.. very strange. It's just about done ripening so I'll try it soon.

I am very interested in what his taste is!
Enjoy your meal :-)

I ate it today actually, it has a mild flavor like a passion fruit but not as strong tasting. Alot of seeds in it but overall a nice treat.

Thanks for the answer!
Now I at least have an idea about this fruit :-)))

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