What's up?#19__ Recycling Plastic To Save Mother Nature by @ecotrain

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(Photo shows different kinds of old plastic wares used as pots, re: ice cream container, dishwashing container, chicken plastic bags, spoon and fork rock, etc )
(Photo: Broken salad bowl, repaired using thin notebook wire)

Hello there nature lovers! What's up? I would like to share to you my contribution to save Mother Earth thru recycling plastic wares. We all know that plastic materials cannot be decomposed, hence causing more garbage around that could be detrimental to the growth of our natural resources.
(Photo: I trimmed the mineral water container using a heated knife, along with ketchup 1/2 liter container, small washbasin and old soup bowl)

There are those who buy plastic scraps but they won’t buy the hard ones such as that of mineral water containers. I have a beautiful garden and it has been my attitude to change the settings of my garden every time I see new plants.

Since the pandemic, people in the community looked for something to keep themselves busy. Potted plants became the trending hobby, both for veggies and ornamental plants. Actually, it was lots of fun. It became a trend nationwide.
(Photo: Cooking oil container for my climbing Begonia plant)

Something good happened during the pandemic. People listened to information dissemination led by different agencies about cleanliness and how to avoid getting infected by covid19.


(Photo: Using egg tray for seedbeds of my bell pepper)
People began to plant vegetables and ornamental plants for barter via the social media.


(Photo: I used softdrink bottles for my hanging plants, noodles and ice cream cups and plastic bag of Chook's Grilled Chicken)

In my case, I, for one, also wanted to make my garden presentable though I did not buy plants because I have my own collections already. It is they who comes to my house and ask for some sprouts of this and that. Well, they want to buy it but I refused. I just told them that I will go to their house to see what I will like to have as well.

I just hope that these home gardening hobbies to which have sprouted everywhere will go on for the good of mankind and to keep our environment free from this pandemic.

Thanking @ecotrain, @eco-alex and company for this awesome community.

God bless us all!

Till then,




Gaganda naman ng mga plants mo Sis @sarimanok

Yes sister, meron pa malalaking dahon. Ang lalagyan kasi pinapakita ko from used plastic containers.

Reminds me of my family's garden. My mom loves to recycle and does the same method of planting her ornaments if it can be helped. Good job on this project!

Thanks! Mothers do that to save and make use of empty containers in her kitchen and more durable so to say instead of those thin pots. Thank you for reading.


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Thank you so much!

Hello @sarimanok that excellent work you do with recycled material, and polyethylene bags went out of fashion, today if there are a lot of objects that we can reuse.

I really liked the alternatives you presented, that's the beauty of this platform that allows us to share experiences and knowledge.

See you later my friend, I hope you have a great weekend !

Hi, glad to meet you here! Indeed, it is. We make use of scraps and plastic bags instead of throwing it away or burning them that could destroy the ozone layer of our Mother Earth. At the same time, we can save money to buy those expensive pots at this time of pandemic. Of course,if you're into business, that will be another story. Thank you for dropping by. God bless!

Hello, the pleasure of meeting you is mine, I see that you do a praiseworthy job, which few of us do. We continue in communication dear friend, blessings for you and your family !


Akong umagad namaligya ug bulak

Good for him. Dili Jud ka magutma Ug self-sufficient ka nga tawo. Here, they're doing barter trading too

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