What Can We Do Differently So That People Can Understand Us Better

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This question is rather vague in nature and somewhat complicated. Why, it is because we have the so-called 'Individual Differences', making us unique from each other.

Each one of us differ from each other, with different temperaments hence we should first make our "silent observations" of the kind of people we are dealing with.

The question for this week is "How we can act differently so that other people can better understand us." First thing and foremost, I don't want to change my attitude just to please other people because in my opinion, that is the hardest thing to do.

It is my principle to stay on my grounds yet I am open to any suggestions and recommendations. With that they will be too happy to adopt to your principles or vise versa. In short, communication is the key.

Honestly, people often misunderstood me of being "suplada (snobbish) or estrikta (strict) because of my facial expression but it's only a facade to hide my fears, which of course, was effective. It was my comfort zone.

Nevertheless, my friends who happen to know me would soon find out am not really that kind of person. I am soft hearted especially to those who needs my moral support. It is also important to know the kind of person your dealing with based on his character and not his physical outlook. Of course, being handsome and beautiful is a plus.

Personally, I have done this strategy many times in a similar situation. There was a guy whom I know have been my secret admirer but he just couldn't say it. I, on the other hand, knew it all along but I also pretended not to know anything. Acting differently in such situation is a silent message of rejection and he prettily understood it without causing damage to both parties. Action speaks louder than words, so they say.

If you're angry, it is best to keep your silence first and not act out of impulse because more damages are done once you open your mouth. Actually, it is easier said than done but trust me, it's effective!

Thanking @ecotrain for this initiative.

Keep safe everyone!

Till then,





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You are welcome @sarimanok🐝