Today's harvest, a quick garden tour, a fractal cabbage & some wisdom from Nature 🌿

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Every day now we return from the garden with a collection of edible goodies. The new comers today were the cabbages. There were multiple layers of bad smelling mouldy bits on them, but once peeled away we found small and happy looking nutrition colour-bundles ready and waiting for us within.


Which tasted great in the salad!


The leeks look lovely in the morning light. I don't often remember to take my phone to the garden but on this occasion I'm glad I did.


How cool is this squash growing up a tree!


Here are the kids washing the veg before it goes in the basket. They love little jobs like this.


The Fractal Cabbage

This little beauty is a Romanesco Cabbage. Look closer and you will see the fractal perfection developing in the shade of its thick leaves.


Ever since I came across this special vegetable for the first time three years ago (don't think we have them in the UK?) I have been intending to grow it here because it seems to me there is something quite magical about it.

I mean just look at it!


There are fractals everywhere in life but never before have I seen 'The Infinite Perfection of All That Is' displayed so clearly by a humble vegetable from Southern Europe without the use of hallucinogens!

So there you have it ;)

I leave you with a shot of our region and some very fine words by Joseph Campbell.


Just in case the words are too small for you to read!

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature.


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The colours of your harvest are really beautiful Sam. Well done for what you do for your family

Hey you! Thanks.

I always say we must eat the colours of the rainbow to thrive in health. And there are plenty of colours around here worth munching on ;)

Yes, indeed - love seeing your posts and your beautiful family

What an impressive and colourful looking harvest! !tip

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Thanks Jaynie. Feeling blessed at the moment. Don't know what I would do without this garden. It has been so perfect for the kids too. Finally they are taking an interest in helping out a bit ;)

Sending hugz x

And gracias for the tip!

Gardening is fantastic for kids. It is sad that more parents don't encourage their involvement.

Yeah right. Though I suppose most people just don't have the land for it. Or the time.

As far as the land goes... thats a pretty lame excuse in my opinion. We don't have a lot of space, but container gardening is always an option and I regularly get Jude involved in the planting of stuff and he loves it. Time is another issue - but again, I always feel like if something is important to a person they will make time... I just don't think it is that important to people anymore... sadly.

True. My courtyard is a pretty good example of how to grow food without land. And yes, if something is important enough to a person they will always find a way to make the time for it. There is a reason I get up 3h before my family every day ;)

well that's impressive haha!!!

fractal harvest! niiice! imagine what that does to you -)
looking super good, vibrant.. how can we not be inspired!

Pretty funky hey. Fractal insights here we come.... :)

I love... Something gets excited inside me when I see the images of your crops, it's splendid. Just now we started working the land, we have a collaborative project to start planting our groceries in a piece of land in front of the sea that was offered to us and I have been studying a little bit of your experience. The knowledge you share is very valuable, thank you very much for this contribution!

The colours are always useful to catch the attention. Humans are naturally drawn towards it like insects.

Great you have some land for growing food! And in front of the sea? Even better!

Please feel free to ask me any questions. Not that I am an expert! Just going with the flow ;)

Yeeeees, we are very excited about that! Soon we'll prepare a post to show you a little piece of this paradise! Thanks for your commitment, being an expert is not about the one who does it better, but the one who looks day by day how to improve what he does.

Can't wait to see pics!!!! Please send directly here as a message if you remember. I am still rubbish at catching everyone's amazing posts in the main feed. I am following too many people ;)

Now go and grow grow grow 🌱

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