RE: Learning how to preserve the juice of any fruit using water bath canning

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Thanks for the awesome trick! Why not? Makes total sense. Could even be more effective as we don't need to bring water to a boil, which takes ages and uses lots of gas. Now I'm wondering why people use water at all?

If I manage to get to it, a cider-making post would be a lot shorter than this one. It really is just juiced apples with sugar. That's it. The only slightly complicated thing is creating a system which releases the air without letting air in. Which, as you can see above, can be achieved using a bucket, a tube and a glass of water ;)

Or you can just buy a special lid which does this for you!

Like the wine, the cider needs to be filtered a few times (once a week), separating the crap from the liquid. The glass container we bought is quite good for this because you can release the liquid without disturbing the rest. Some say the cider is finished after a few weeks, but others say it needs a few months. I will taste it in a month ;)