Raisins tonight, cider yesterday, wine the day before: the production line is busy!

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It takes a fair bit of dedication to de-pip a few thousand grapes, but knowing the kids enjoy them and that we can save them for the winter gives me the energy I need to keep pressing on. It is taking me around an hour to complete each drying tray and these grapes will likely sit in the dehydrator for around 14 hours before they become raisins.

Yesterday I started the fermentation process for an apple & grape cider. Looking forward to tasting that in a few weeks ;)


The day before I bottled my fruit wine which has been fermenting for 6 weeks in the big jar. It is ridiculously strong. I am guessing around 25%. And tastes something like a desert wine.


Alongside me tonight Sabrina is preparing some tomatoes for the dehydrator.

A beautiful sight to behold.


And I love her very much :)


I have said it already but I will say it again, you and your family are an inspiration Sam, much love to you all xx

Bless you x

You do a very good job at inspiring too!

Even with your iphone trick I still don't understand how you manage to put out consistent posts which flow like water :)

Our production line has taken a hit this last few weeks - pesky rainy season screws up growing (if it's not rice and a few other things).

..but we are coming into the prime time...patience....

Yeah, the pesky rain is appearing more and more now. And a few things developing mould or fungus related issues as a consequence...

Quick... harvest the weed!

Sir! I do protest.
Don't try and weave me into your multinational cartel.......oh, dandelions, nettles, and the like....

I was actually taking about the cannabis, which is experiencing some mould ;)

But yes, dandelions & nettles have their value too!