Luna & I foraged this lot today in one hour, all within 100m of our home

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Can you see why I like living here so much? Free food at my doorstep, all of which can be stored for the winter.


This is going to be my healthiest winter ever ;)


Oh yum! And it's only September!!! I'm guessing the bounties of nature are just starting to come in.

In fact the harvest season began around May and hasn't really stopped. And we are near the end now. Just waiting on citrus fruits, olives, kiwis & pomegranates. And perhaps some chestnuts if I feel like foraging some more ;)

Oh wow! So this is the result of people growing food forests for generations. Very awesome.

That's a really interesting point you make. And yes, I suppose it must be, because almost every tree around this village produces something edible. How awesome it must have been back in its day when people understood and worked together as a village to nurture & harvest. Nature will be smiling again now that I am finally taking what is being offered ;)

I know, it must have been so wonderful, being surrounded with people who understood how things work together. And I'm sure that wasn't even that long ago. Back in Hungary I also heard lots of stories of how "back in the day" (like two generations ago) they used their hogs to manage woodlands, and their cows to clean the banks of the stream. And today? The idiots chop down the cherry trees because: 1. It stands on a plot of land that "don't belong to no one", 2. "them cherries are just way too high up there" 3. "what do I care about next year anyhow?" - So sad.

Another thing I was gonna ask you: Is there a good book on cob building that you can recommend? Maybe from that huge library of yours on LBRY?

One of my elderly neighbours told me that during WW2 the people of our nearest city, Perpignan did not have enough food so came to the small villages like ours and ate what was on offer. He said that back then every single person in the village had an allotment. And of course, everyone had a good knowledge of where the right trees were and when to harvest, so there was plenty of food to go around. Not at all the same story now with only seven allotments for our village of 200 people. And three of them are ours! Though I only have time to manage one currently. Am still imagining people are going to join me here soon. One lady I met on Hive is on her way from Belgium now. Once she gets here we can begin to expand ;)

For cob building I actually don't have anything. I became a bit obsessed with Earthships a year ago and must of course widen my knowledge now. Let me have a look...

On there are quite a few listed:

There are also a few on

Of course! The Cob Builder's Handbook. I should have remembered, someone mentioned it to me long ago. This one seems to be THE big classic out there. Got it, thank you!

We might be doing some sort of cob building workshop at the ranch in December. I'm not sure on specifics, as I'm not in Mexico right now, but wanted to let you know.

Absolutely amazing how much food is really out there if you are aware of what you see...

You know it. I would say everything which grows is useful in some way. And the real quest for us humans is to remember what we once knew instinctively.

Hey, I wanted to tell you that I learned something interesting recently. The lady in the allotment next to ours advised me to harvest my smoke during the waxing moon to catch the highest potency. She indicated that the energy of plants switches from their roots to their flowers depending on the waxing/waning moon. This makes sense to me so I am saving two plants for a full moon harvest, but the rest are getting the chop tomorrow ;)

I grew for years in London but never thought much about these things before now.

Smoking it, I can confirm it is incredibly strong.

I'd say that's another myth. But hey why not try it for yourself?

Harvest when the plant says it's ready. Don't try to make any ideas about that. The first and flower is on its own time. You can't rush anything but failure as a farmer.

It was a fine line between rushing and total death with lots of rain, heavy humidity and mould breaking out all over the place. Most I have had to chop now but still saving a few for that full moon.

There is always some element of truth to every myth. Look into the work of Joseph Steiner, specifically Calendar of the Soul. I believe he was on the right track, but this truth has been hidden from us for many years because they would rather we did not harness the full power of nature.

Well let's see if your theory proves any results

I really can understand you! It's the same for me, a lot of free food just few steps from me thanks veggie gardens and fruit trees and all healthy. It's a great way to leave ^_^

Moving forward it is THE way to live ;)

If humans want to have a happy harmonic existence with our Great Mother Earth, this is what we must all do.

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Excellent. Thanks :)