Getting organised with our future food forest & polytunnel coming soon๐ŸŒฑ

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Into each one of these pots will go ten seeds, all of which have been collected from local trees in and around our village.

Screen Shot 20190812 at 20.38.29.jpg

When they germinate in the spring (after a required cold period) I will separate them and add to our growing future food forest which already consists of apples, pears, lemons & clementines. Still need to plant almonds, oranges, pomegranates, figs & avocados. All of these plants will remain in pots, so that when we find the land we are looking for, we will be able to bring all this variety with us ๐ŸŒฑ


With the days getting noticeably shorter now I've been looking at polytunnels to extend our growing season into winter and am excited to see how cheap they are! Don't know why but I was anticipating at least โ‚ฌ500.

The temperate can get crazy high here in the summer so I'm thinking to perhaps get this one, which permits me to roll the sides right up for the best ventilation.

Screen Shot 20200827 at 13.47.20.png
Am thinking to get two of these. One for plants and one for family fun & a wood workshop. Something I've been dreaming about for a long time ;)

First things first however, I still need to clear the very scrappy looking land upon which I intend to put these two tunnels. Now how to get my hands on a strimmer?

Screen Shot 20200827 at 14.00.08.png

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Beautiful work ... collaborating with nature in the population of fruit trees is great ...

I can think of no better way to collaborate with nature ;)

Dig it up and bring it with us wherever we go!

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Sam, have you seen my recent post about a polytunnel? My dream come true. I looked at those too, but wanted something more sturdy. Lucky to have a hubby with the skillz! I reckon they'll be awesome... Chuck some weed matting down and peg them down well and you'll be good to go!!!!



Holly cow! You're living my dream :)

That really does look solid! Damn I need your hubby's skills. A workbench and tools are still on my list... and we will likely need the tunnel to put the workshop in!

Time is the tricky bit these days so a flat packed amazon delivery (as much as it pains me) is likely the best way for us beginners. The wind here can be insane so I just need to make sure it doesn't blow away!

Am gonna look for your post now. Feel like I might learn something useful.

Thanks for the heads up!

And in case you were wondering, I did see your discord message and am still contemplating your offer. As i said, time is the biggest battle and I don't want to commit to anything if I'm only going to let you down.

I told @sebcam two months ago I would post his films for him but it just wasn't possible. Unless I get up even earlier each day! 4.44am is plenty early enough I think. Anyways, thankfully I think I've found someone do help him out now! Just need to get them trained up and away we go. I will have more time.

So let's see... I certainly would LOVE to curate for you! Feel a bit distant from your community and only have myself to blame. And I know how much I yet have to learn from you all... Oh if only there were more hours in the day!!!!

4.44 am huh - the god's hour. Haha, there's all these tricks to manage time - I need to learn some!!!!!! Let me know when you decide, as you do need to be present a bit in community to know what's going on, I'm easy though = it's only if you want to. We kinda like diverse curators, that's why I asked. But if you're busy, don't go out of your way!

Why is 4.44am the god's hour?

I have always had a thing about the number 44. Which by the way is my current age ;)

For some reason I'm thinking that planting the seeds of many types of fruit trees, won't produce the same fruit. Maybe this only applies for hybrid types of fruit or patented varieties? I'm not totally sure but wanted to bring it up.

One of the local women who works for us at the ranch, brought many avocados to us from her trees. I've planted about 10 of the seeds and was excited to see that half have now popped up through the soil. She has planted these seeds before and knows that they will produce. On the other hand, we have bought some Hass avocados from the store and she says that they won't grow. It's likely that those seeds have been GMO'd to not produce.

With apples you are correct. We will get what we get. No problem for me. As long as we can eat them! It is possible to clone the trees but I really don't have time for this technique.

With other things like nectarines & peaches I believe we should get an exact replica. As for avocados we have a tree here and the flavour is out of this world. Getting them to sprout however I am not having much luck with... yet.

The avocado seeds that I planted here took about 1 month to sprout so hopefully they will do so before winter and you can bring them inside. I've heard that they require a lot of water to thrive.

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