Flooding the garden is the best way to water it at this time of year 🌿

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Here in the South of France it can reach 40Β°C in the afternoons in the late summer and the land becomes very dry. Up until this point we had been watering the garden with watering cans from collection tubs filled by the hose, but now this is not enough and the weekly flood system has begun.

The old ways are always the best!


The water is collected from a stream which is fed from our village canal. The pressure isn't amazing but it is enough to fill up the tubs. Or flood the garden!


I dug irrigation canals between the beds to make sure the water is distributed evenly.


It is left to flood overnight, once or twice a week.


This minimises the amount of watering needed during the rest of the week and leaves me a little extra time to start thinking about planting winter vegetables in the empty spaces.

The sunflowers are looking fab at the moment.


Right next to our second chill zone we created a few weeks ago, in the shade of the wallnut tree.


When the temperature is intense, these chill zones are essential.

This is my view from the hammock, shortly after sunrise.


If you had managed to get here @movingman this would have been your bedroom ;)

Perhaps next time.

My 'door' remains open to you all!


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Morning! I managed to find a ride in a hour from Valence to Paris although I'll jump out before Paris because its a bit mad there. Maaaan I wish it wasn't the start of the New World Order!! I would have loved to come stay a while but alas, it really is a shame. Got to go back and hustle them street mags again 🀣

The flooding is the way forward for sure! Got any dry grass around to cover the soil to retain water and to keep the microbes alive in the soil?

Yeh, it was just in spain that was slow going. But even in France people are cancelling blablacar rides because of covid πŸ™„ got a ride to Brussels today, hoping to get back before September starts

Wow! Already so far north.

Yeah, the timing sucks but at least it got you moving again. It has given me a kick up the arse for sure ;)

Every couple of weeks we get four sacks of cut grass from a neighbour which is used to cover the soil. Almost time for the next delivery...

Beautiful garden :)

I'm missing home already, I've been away since March due to the pandemic. I used tp do gardening at least once a month, whenever I have the chance to take a leave from work.

That is a long time to be suck away from home.

Keep dreaming of that garden and eventually it will come back to you 🌱

I'll just take inspiration to farm/garden photos online, for now :D

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Awesome! Gracias amigo ;)

wow, what a beauty of a garden! :0 :)

Thanks! Took a few months to get it this way ;)

soooooo worth it!

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