Esteban & I made a jigsaw today :)

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He designed the picture and added all the colour. I just did the black pen lines when he was done. Obviously he had to have some lava in there ;)

Love these DIY jigsaw kits!

Luckily Sabrina stocked up on art supplies before such things were considered unnecessary ;)

Esteban's computer game design wall here.


In many ways I am looking forward to the cold of winter which forces us to get creative at home.

Love & Light everyone 🌱


This is so special - and lovely time spent together. It looks like a jigsaw you would buy in a store.

haha ;)

It's not quite that professional but getting there...

Esteban is a very fun creative partner. And he works super fast!

You're so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship - both of you!!

Love it Sam - you two are creative artists of note.

Rainy weekends are when the most creativity seems to happen ;)

Sending love!

Right back at you - we had rain for the first time last night - about time. Such a long summer and heatwave.

Nice! And I'm thinking the same as your wife, seriously collecting all kinds of craft supplies for over a month now. My boyfriend is going nuts seeing how much I've collected, but I'm thinking soon we will be stuck inside and crafts are the answer to keeping a toddler busy :) lol

Exactly right. And great job! I must say, you girls are thinking way ahead of me.

Though all I need is cardboard boxes and a glue gun (both of which we have) and I can build pretty much anything the kids ask me for. Last winter it was a pin ball machine. Let's see what they ask for this winter ;)

I must say, you girls are thinking way ahead of me.

Well, lesson learned during wave one honestly. I foresee at least a month (but probably longer) staying inside and well, would be great to keep the lady busy.

Cool! A pin ball machine!!


Amazingly it still works ;)

that's amazing! Wow so creative.. your kids are very lucky to have a creative dad like yourself!


Hey cuddlekitten ;)