Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless or corrupt

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You may have noticed I don't post much here any more. This is due to something which is keeping me occupied. It is something I have been wanting to share with you but it is also something which benefits from being kept a secret. We may be using decentralised social media here but all data is monitored now and unlike many I am using my real name and image.

Even my mother is denied conversations about this subject because her preferred method of communication is Skype, where I can assure you voice recognition software is transcribing every word we say, alerting different departments if certain key words are used. Do not be naive about the fully monitored borderless digital era in which we are living.

I have written a thousand posts in my head this month to verbalise my excitement and to describe the various aspects of what I am doing so it has been quite hard for me to hold back from my usual process of letting it out here at this computer & enjoying the feedback or advice which very often comes as a result. To alleviate the building pressure and to demonstrate the importance of caution around the information we share here, I have decided to write this post anyway, but to do so in a way which gives you just a little skin to chew on, while avoiding the core of the story.


Trust your childhood instinct

When I was 7 years old I wanted to do something quite specific. I remember the feeling clearly. It grew within me like an obsession and eventually I wrote to a TV show which makes the dreams of kids come true. I imagined my idea was so great that the TV show would accept me immediately, but they didn't and by chance it was around this time that I was sent to a boarding school where all my childhood dreams were replaced by fear and competition. So the intensity of the energy behind this idea subsided and was forgotten... until now.


Re-connecting with nature to remember who we are

Fully immersing myself in the process of growing, foraging & storing food for the last year has intimately re-connected me with our Great Mother and ultimately with who I really am and what I wanted to do when I was a child.

The deep satisfaction I have gained from this re-connection (which I highly recommend to everyone!) has permitted the manifestation of other events which triggered that old childhood feeling again. As a child I did not understand the power of my mind, but as an adult I do, so I started to intentionally play with the idea again. Law of Attraction is simple in this way. Some people call it visualising, others call it fantasising. I call it think-dreaming. More powerful than a thought and more controlled than a dream.

After playing with the thought of what I wanted for a few months (in a way which was not dependant on any particular outcome) I found a situation which clearly indicated to me what I had to do. While I shouldn't be surprised because I know how it works now, I still am every time. And I always marvel at how The Universe seems to match the exact energy of what we have been focused on, in a way which cannot be predicted in advance of the event.


Now there is a force which drives me beyond anything I have ever experienced and a new knowledge too. At times it feels like I am accessing some kind of Universal Encylopedia to do what I am doing because for sure I was not aware that I had these skills previously.

So, I think that's about all I can tell you.

Sorry it is so vague but the world no longer permits us the luxury of straightforward honesty. Just know that my family & I are very happy and we are all in perfect health.

If by any chance I have already told you the specifics behind the TV show I mentioned please do me a favour and don't blurt it out in the comments. I don't think I have but I am very aware that my past is much more blurry than my future!


As always, please know you are welcome to join us on our quest toward a better world, here in the Pyrenees Mountains.

Love & Light everyone 🌱



" And I always marvel at how The Universe seems to match the exact energy of what we have been focused on, in a way which cannot be predicted in advance of the event."

Yes, it's so true... i play around with the Universe, once i predict the next negative or positive experience, it always happens different...and maybe in the long run, some things manifest exactly as we created them 😉

It is pretty amazing hey. Once we start to register the results of our thoughts. I still don't understand why this isn't taught at school! Though you can be sure the school of Stonehill will be teaching it ;)

That's the spirit, Brother...teach the youth!
School of Stonehill sounds nice 😉

Good idea to keep quiet for anything....important, shall we say.
Keep up the good fight - and keep the little people busy!

The little people have been very helpful on this particular mission and you will be pleased to hear I have been working them hard ;)

Yes I noticed your absence! Full support, whatever your plans are, you are the guy who can do them. Best wishes from New Zealand, and thanks for the inspiration.

Thanks buddy. I suppose it is no coincidence I have ended up in the land which was famous for its resistance during the last war ;)

Glad to here from you again and hope it all goes well in the days ahead.

Appreciated. Flying into the future with a smile :)

as a matter of fact, I am in the mountains right now, in the forest, just about to post about the dead silence here - and so it has been for the last 3 years at least. No sound in the forest. And no one seems to see this as a problem. Only predator birds - no more song birds. No insects. I saw a yellow jacket yesterday when I climbed the hill. It landed on my hand and I said I was glad to see it. There was 1 black squirrel and a red squirrel and a buck, but no birds, no insects in the forest. It is terrifying.

Landed on your hand? Wow! Lucky you :)

yes... I talk to them all now for the first time probably since I was very little.

Great to hear from you Sam. I too am so driven and on course right now, so happy to hear you have stepped fully into your power. Now is the time to manifest and create. Much love to you and your beautiful family xxx

Feels amazing right! Great to know you are on track too.

And little by little we edge ourselves into it, holding high that energy, knowing exactly where it is taking us...

Only through love can we thrive xxx