4 months to build a mini-farm & family playground

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I feel pretty good about our second home these days and it has been noted how quickly Sabrina & I have been able to turn this patch of earth into a food paradise & playground for all the family. We did this using afternoons only.

This is what it looked like on the 1st Feb, before we gained access.


Here it is on the 9th Feb with wood from the lake, marking our boarders.

Screen Shot 20200209 at 11.27.08.jpg

It was great working with a blank canvas.

Screen Shot 20200209 at 11.42.09.jpg

Standing in relatively the same position, the picture is rather more colourful today.


Fruit season is in full swing now and once I am done with the cherry trees in our garden there are plenty more wild trees around here to harvest.


Feeling the importance of this moment

For the next three months we will eat an abundance of fruit from the fields around us. That which we are unable to eat we will store for the winter.

The price of food is going to continue increasing and shortages across the world are assured. You may already be experiencing them?

So, if you have fruit growing near you, I suggest learning how to preserve it, just as we are doing.

You can find three books on preserving in my @survival-archive account on LBRY where you can download them and save them offline.

Screen Shot 20200604 at 07.01.11.png
Link here

Right... back to the garden!

The trampoline is half shaded by the cherry trees making it a good place to relax in the heat of the afternoon.


The spinach is fast on its way to giving us a ton of seeds. To continue the cycle we must save seeds from a select group of plants from each variety.


The experimental lettuce bed all seems in great shape. We are still thinning them out to make more room as they expand. Nothing like a bit of young lettuce in the salad.


One side of the garden is pretty much always shaded by the cherry trees but we thought we would try growing there anyway and things are progressing fine.


There is so much detail in this garden, like infinite fractals which draw me in closer and closer. Always something to marvel at.


Esteban saying hello to the sweetcorn here. We have been getting cut grass from friends & neighbours to cover any exposed earth, preventing excessive weed growth.


Upgraded our watering system to a bigger bottle recently.


Moved the rocks around too which has helped direct the flow and increase the pressure.


Five allotments get their water from this stream which comes from the village canal.


At the end of the afternoon this little gate gets locked.


And we all troop home along the canal.


The canal looks out onto this great agricultural valley.


Back home things are looking equally colourful.


That wall to the left of the door looked like this four months ago.


To get the maximum sun all the pots have to be moved twice a day.


We harvested our first potatoes just recently.


Esteban had been bugging me for weeks wanting to have a look. So we did!


And this is what we found. We left the rest to continue growing.


Luna washed them.


Mamma cooked them.


Papa photographed them!


Most of that salad is from the garden. And the bread is home made.

I promised Sabrina I would grow some colourful flowers. Well... here they are!


While they are not traditionally thought of as food, all of these flowers are extremely flavoursome & nutritious.


Above them the vertical garden is currently a mesh of strawberry runners. I decided to double the quantity of plants and fill the majority of this space with just strawberries. From now on all runners will be cut and the plants will direct their energy to fruit production. Once they are done producing in October I will move them to the garden. Spinach will love this spot during the winter.


Four months ago it looked like this.


My goal back in Feb was to be eating 50% homegrown food by the end of the year.

I am a big fan of salads so personally I have already exceeded this goal, but I do believe as a family we will be eating closer to 70% homegrown (or locally picked) food by time this memorable year draws to a close.


In the future people will ask the question "how did you react to covid19?"

Now is the time to make sure the answer to that question is a positive one.

Love & Light to you all.



I really need to get out of the city!!

In all honesty I would seriously recommend that!

Or at the very least, have a place in the country to escape to if things get too crazy in the city ;)

You have done such an awesome job Sam, you all should be very proud of yourselves. You have all that you need right there and that is so vital right now, I have certainly noticed the price of things going up. Keep living the dream my friend, much love xxxx

It never ends really does it? We are needing to buy glass storage containers in preparation for fruit season now. Bottling season I believe they call it :) All new to me!

Crazy temperatures here at the moment. Max temp 15° today which is around 15° less than what it should be at this time of year. Hope the plants aren't freaking out...

love love love xxxx

Woah! Great to see mountains in the background! And even more awesome to see people not procrastinating and instead, getting shit done!!

Your naturals, it looks like you been doing it for years already 👍

Ive switched to LBRY aswell to get my news and information and I started to collect videos I have watched for reference and suggestions, I will click the the link to go check out yours. Really nice project Lbry, im hooked already!

Sabrina & I independently spent our 20s & 30s perfecting the art of growing a particular plant. And this really seems to help when approaching a garden for the first time ;)

Yeah, Lbry is great. Growing in popularity quickly. It is particularly useful if we are looking to share PDF files, permitting people to download them for offline use. No way to do that here.

I've been a bit slack recently getting more books into that account, but there are only so many hours in the day!

Keep on shining bright :)

Haha yeh its funny how people either grow that plant first and then start with food, or the otherway around, one or the other until we realise we can do both 😝

A couple here are completely self sustained with food from thier epic home and I remember the first weed they grew was totally insane for the first try! And organic ofcourse 🤣

Ive only ever grown with organic fertilzers but maybe next time I will see what monsters I can get from non organic growing 😃

On Lbry I soon realized that ot costs to repost things haha I guess its the fee for transactions.

I look at each photo and think: "such an amazing place"

There is certainly a lot of colour at this time of year. And we are blessed to have ended up here :)

Such beautiful pictures! I love your mulched beds, your nifty watering system, and those flowers on your salad. Can't help feeling happy and excited just from scrolling through this wonderful post. Thanks for taking me along on this trip through your gardens.

Hey brother! And I love your beautiful building ;)

Thanks for reminding me to have a look at where you are at!

You have done AMAZING things @samstonehill!! Kudos! The Master Manifestor!! 😍

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This one is probably more down to physical actions than manifesting. Though someone did offer us the land for free at the perfect moment in Feb, which does feel a bit like manifesting ;)

So lovely place. I want be there

You are very welcome to join us :)

wow! really amazing :))

Thank you friend. Am pleased it looks amazing to you :)