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RE: ecoVillages Journal #15: A NEW VISION IS BORN: A new, ultra de-centralised approach to rapid ecoBuild adoption in Penamacor, Portugal.

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Well you can certainly count me in for volunteering on the first eco-build and land plot purchase NO.3.

It will be nice to escape what I'll now call the hyper-craziness of modern society!

Repopulating an old village sounds very similar to this Portuguese Permaculture project I've come across. It burnt out (no pun intended) with the fires a while back. You'll never guess what it's called....


ooh bloody hell! checking that out!!! what do you know!

Not much, I did send a message but no reply, I think it's folded.

Some of the people who set it up were part of Radical Routes in the UK, which you may have heard of - a network of anarchist co-operatives, been going since the 1990s.

I think the fires may have put an end to it, but it looked amazing beforehand.

yes i had a look. damn shame.. they got hit hard!.. anther reason to decentralise the locations!