QOTW: What are you addicted to and how does it help or hinder you?

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Hello, good morning!

Once again, I would like to say thank you @ecotrain for giving us question to answer every week. Sometimes, I wasn't able to counterpart but now I will not allow this topic to pass by without my entry.

What addicted me?

I could not resist myself, from my latest addiction in taking care of the cats at home. My days would not be the same without visting them 3 times a day. inbound281646270126023481.jpg
Its me and Whitey, the mighty cat of me.

Long before since 2007, I had been in love and addicted with the cats. When we moved to this house, I moved the all white cats to the farm belings to my employer's friend. I just visited them sometimes until one day, the caretaker was poisoning the rats not knowing that I affected the cats. Thank God, I save Whitey but his family was gone. Whitey survived since he was too small and just drinking milk from his mother. Maybe he was just eating a little bit. I bought him ar home last October 2019.
No one can reject his cuteness that made my addiction to my pets.

This was the first month he stayed at home. My fake daughter had also Whiteboy and made a friendship with Whitey. They were both male but they were good friends.

Whiteboy was already missing for two months. It bothered me so much and I hope he was just around with other friends.
Whitey loves to stay under me when Im sitting down on the stairs watching all rhe cats and my garden.

How it hinders my way?

I'm too busy from my work and blogging. I supposed to be a focus on it. My work is a kind of 24 hours scheduled. I need to balance it. But many times I am distracted to the attention of my cats. Since the day Whitey lived here, it gave attractions to all the stray cats. They came inside and they are growing a big family now. How many among them had died and came a new one?

They enjoyed eating and I love watching them.


Many times, I came late in making my job. My lady boss was already getting mad. She told me to remove all the cats from the house. I know, they could not do it. They love the cats too.

Feeding and caring for my pets is a kind of addiction now. How I wish I could sleep with them outside. It's an funny addiction that goes inside my heart to love them.more and more everyday.

Not only for addiction

Everytime I felt pain in my body, I thought the cat most especially Whitey pushed out the bad energy in my body. He rubbed himself to me and his tail smashing my legs and I felt better in the next morning. It's a kind of weird thing but I believed he did it. For that reason, the more I became addicted going outside and play withy cats.

How it helps me?

It helps me from overthinking about negativity. I forgot the whole day busy life. It gives me strength and removes stress. Feeding them is a good initiative for loving all the animals. It made me felt so accomplished and happy all the time.

They were the parent of Whitey who were already dead from the poisining.

This is my weird addiction that hindering my regular work and my blogging here. Sometimes, I didn't able to post because my vacant time was already given to my pet.

I hope that you love to read about my addiction this time.

Thank you @ecotrain.

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It's me,



of COURSE, cats! HOw did i not see that one coming.. lovely post, as a cat myself i can fully appreciate!

Thank you, @eco-alex for the appreciation. I really love them and became my addiction.

Thank you for posting to this weeks question! I apologise if I haven't commented this week, i have just relocated off-grid and wasn't able to do online work. I'll be more attentive next week as i am now getting settled in ;-)

We had a lot of amazing responses which you can check out in our Tie Up Post. Come and see who else posted and what they said about addiction..


You are always welcome! People really have their own addiction. Thank you for the great question @eco-alex.

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