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RE: Fruits In The Garden

in ecoTrain7 months ago

Love to see the berries producing - such abundance!
I know what it is to have a jungle for a garden. We have been having a few wet years and the fact that I live in the forest it doesn't take long before nature takes over my cultivated spaces and it becomes a jungle! I love to see it though for then I know I haven't left to big of footprint on the the earth and it could soon all be rewild!

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Nature always takes over if you miss a few days or weeks of your work. That's how nature works. I can't imagine how it is to live in the forest.

I spent a week or two in mountain cabins over the years but to live there permanently it is a totally different matter.

@porters here - it is very beautiful and peaceful - my forest home is my retreat from the craziness of the world! When I step out my door it is the same as how it is in the National park close by. Living in the wilderness has really inspired me in my photography, which I share on my blog, every day is photography adventure for there is always something new. I'm going to get my June garden journal update out tomorrow - Thanks for sharing yours!

I'm looking forward to reading your journal and good luck with your jungle 😁