The children in our province

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They're just children and they're innocent of what's happening. They might know about the pandemic. They don't know how this illness is frightening. They will not go outside because of what the adults told them. They will not be exposed themselves because the adults are controlling them. We know that this is the right thing to do. However, what's on their mind is to play. Unlike us, they don't have a longer time enjoying the world yet.

Unluckily for those places have quite several positives. The children can no longer enjoy what's the outside world for now. Although we say it's good because a family will be gathered. A family will spend more time together. They can feel what a family is about. But, there's a word "but" on this. The children want to play with other children. How they will understand the world by just rotating their lives at home. Remember that someday or in some time they need to be on themselves. No family can help and no family they can rely on.


Luckily for our place or to be specific in our town. We had experienced positive cases with this illness. We had also implemented a strict ordinance. We followed it because of our own goods. It's hard because we live in a province and we used to stay outside with friends. But we endured it for the future to come and we can feel how our lives before pandemic.

That's why as of now the children in our place can be outside without worrying. They can go outside freely. They can enjoy playing with other children. Most of all they can experience, how does it feel to be a child. As of now I always see children playing outside. Mobile games or street games. They can do all of it but with limitations too. It's good to have precautions even if we are certain. Let's not forget that being comfortable so much can lead us into danger.


I'm not that sure if there's no threat anymore by this pandemic. For now, we don't wear masks all the time. Don't judge us but because we are not used to it. Also, it's better not to wear a mask to breathe well. We still have an ordinance but not as strict as before. I'm so happy that I went home and didn't stay in the City. I can witness how life is so delicious when you're free.

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