Garden Chronicles: Turning 1.5L Water Bottle into a Mini Terrarium?

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Hey everyone!

For those who have been reading my Gardening Chronicles before you would have noticed that I have been on a weekly battle with the mealy bugs.

Though it has greatly reduced its manifestation and destruction, the infection-free balcony is yet to be achieved.

Hence while trying to trace for bugs at least twice a week I have decided to try to save the most vulnerable edible plant in the garden - Brazilian Spinach - in another form.

Mini Terrarium 2.0


It is also part of the #onelessjunkonearth initiative I have started since last year, furthermore of the recent water contamination fiasco in the city I live in resulting many empty water bottles, instead of sending them to the recycle bin, I have decided to perhaps, innovate it a little.

Here is the mini terrarium 1.0 for your reading enjoyment.

Thanks to @pwdfarmability's pointers, especially @sam.hsuu's encouragement, I have made my own "R & D" to see if this works well.

Perhaps if this is a great success, this can be a mini #myjuniors project (started by @elizacheng) to expose children with terrarium ecosystem studies.

I know @pwdfarmability is hoping to initate this for teens and kids to learn more about soil biology when the MCO is fully lifted (fingers crossed! 🤞)

How was the whole process?

Instead of taking pictures, I actually decided to make a full video clip, as well as other sessions of my gardening day (I did a lot haha) and here it is

I realised that there has been a change of Dtube of late and I need to reconfigure my account before I can post it there and extend it here

Overall it wasn't hard to make but it sure requires patience and detail check on each stalk I have cut and replant to ensure minimal to no infections.

I think by 1 week time, there should be some result as I have decided to take one of the bottles (I made 2) to the office and place it out under bright sun to see if it can take on the heat and the brightness every day for a couple of hours and compare the one that is a bit sheltered but has a good view of the sunlight in the morning.

I hope you will enjoy watching the whole process as much as I have enjoyed preparing it!

Until then



Time sure flies! I am "3 years old" now! haha

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Excellent work, friend, very educational and creative your article !

Thanks a lot @amestyj I am glad you enjoyed my findings!

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