Gardening Chronicles: One less junk on earth movement?


If some of you have seen from my commercial (oldest) account in the HIVE (steem) history you would have noticed the #onelessjunkonearth tag started in 2019.

And this time I am hoping to push further after the success of planting capsicum via big cylinder bubble wrap by reserving the instant coffee / tea mix packages, washed them, and planned to turn them into something I can further experiment my replanting with the blessing from Almighty Who sprouted all the capsicum seeds my mom planted. haha.

I am planning to cultivate these babies and hopefully when they are big enough I can bless to the missionary couple who could give themselves a try to (hopefully) educate the aboriginal fishermen's family to not only rely on fishing, but also to eat healthily with self cultivated edible garden.

I even started a One Less Junk on Earth community with a brand new platform just to expand the awareness and hopefully earn some BCH that would eventually fuel the HIVE here and some of the expenses of this hobby of mine.

Hey, getting the right soil to mix with self composed items in a limited space does require expenses. haha. Don't judge me. 😌

Besides, I am not creating a competition here haha, we already have an amazing community that is similar to this on the HIVE blockchain. Collaboration not competition is the key to greatness.

So, come join me this journey there on the new platform and here too, in hope to help create a tiny little awareness not only to ourselves, but for our families too, because you will never know, even if we think, "what can we possibly do by saving 1 plastic bag?" by just re-purpose 1 item that was meant to be thrown away into something useful; imagine 7 billion people does the same, there's at least 7 billion items less getting entangled in some bird's stomach.

Like this one...

Found this article when I was writing about the community's introduction

Who knows? It could be 7 billion re-purposed items emerged from creativity

Let's just run away with this ideal imagination for a short while.

If you love the idea and you would like to have at least a 1 - 2 cents upvote worth your article from me, feel free to use #onelessjunkonearth hashtag and tag me @littlenewthings while you are at it.

I'll come find you within the week!

(I sitll have a day job to fulfill haha)

What do you think?

Would you dare to even give a thought?

In Genesis 1:28 we were once (humanity) given the authority (and responsibility) to subdue the Earth; it doesn't mean we should wreck it apart and kill it while we breathe and eat and 💩 and even though we did lose the dominion (for whoever wants to argue about it throwing theology words nastily here), it doesn't mean we can throw our tantrums (you know what I mean) and point fingers at other people to take care of it, while we ourselves are the ones who were given such an opportunity for a positive impact.

Until then



Time sure flies! I am "3 years old" now! haha


Thank you for your support. We will be working for a new payout scheme for you soon. Keep your chins up and stay tune!