It all starts with the Seeds but the rest is from the Branch of the Plant

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Here is where it All Started

The planting of Tamarind, Rambutan, Laychee, and Grapes is just right and timely due to the cold climate this October. I planted with no certainty what the first seed would grow. All I know is that the seed I put in the pot is a good seed.

To find out when I started planting it, I fitted the vase with white-tape and wrote down what day and time I started planting, including the name and year so that I can monitor the growth of the seed until it is fully mature.

The GRAPES Seed in a Pot

I deliberately chose the grape seed I was going to plant and it has also been stored in the bottle for a long time. I'm just not sure if it will sprout? Because the last time I grew grapes from seed was three years ago.

The planted in this vase are nine seeds of grapes. I hope that, even if only two seeds float in the nine that I planted, I will be happy. It is not easy to grow grapes from seed. The grape seed rarely lives when it is planted and usually only rots when watered too much.

All the pot with seeds are ready, daily visits is all I need, to know who will be the first sprout coming out.

First Seeds Sprout! The Sweet TAMARIND!

As I expected, Tamarind was the first to sprout. I am familiar with Tamarind seeds, because in our place in Cavite in the Philippines we have a lot of Tamarind trees. There are two kinds of Tamarind tree, a sweet and sour fruit of the tree. You will never know which is the sweet and sour tree of Tamarind, as long as it does not bear fruit and taste it.

The one on the right grew first, followed by the one on the left two days later. The new seed is obviously healthy. If you are wondering where I got this seed? I got this seed from the sweet Tamarind we ate that my wife bought at the market.

What do I plan to do with this plant? I like to make it grafting when it is quite mature. I want to combine or combine two trees into one body. In this way, it can produce a lot of fruit at a height of two meters.

It can also be made into other trees, such as mango, apple, lychee, guyabano, and many more. Grafting is also often used in other crops such as Tomato and Chili. It is also used in other Garden plants to reproduce.

Do not be afraid to try. You may have failed in the beginning, but in the second or third you may have succeeded.


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