I did not Expect the early Flowering of Corn — Corn Plant is Safe!

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Recently, they cleaned our back of the villa and left clutter. They removed the former dead stumps and left only the piles of sand that were empty, and in the end, I was still the one who cleaned and fixed everything.

Government staff did not return to level the land they had recently plowed. But it's okay, at least, I prove to them that we are not the ones scattering garbage in our area, but instead, I keep our area clean.

Look, I flattened and cleaned our place and I did not wait for them to do it because their activities are so slow. Not only that, as I level the ground I also remove the rocks that interfere with walking and plants.

Only after I have cleaned everything, I will start new planting again. My plan is to plant eggplant and sweet potato. I was just wondering now where would I get the sweet potato? Maybe, I might just buy a little and grow it in a small pouch.


Recently, when I watered the rest of my plants. I noticed there was a strange fruit on top of the corn? When I looked at it, it was a flower! I was suddenly surprised at the thought because my plant is less than 2 months to bloom.

And one more thing, it is small and the height is only 60 centimeters? But it is healthy and fat. Almost all of my corn plants have flowers! Fortunately, I water it twice a day and cultivate the soil so that the root can breathe beneath and the water can flow properly.

I remember once I was watching gardening about corn. I have seen that when your corn plant is in bloom and when it is about to open; you need to cut off the tip of the flower. But I do not remember the real reason for cutting its end? Maybe I need to know now the reason for cutting so I can apply to my corn plant while early.

I remember when I was still in the Philippines? We have corn plants and it has four rows. It often has a grasshopper or insect that we need to remove manually.

What I mean is, I was lucky with my plant even though it was only thirteen pieces because it was not pests and everyone was healthy even though my plant stunted due to the heat of the weather. I read some reasons for the stunt of other plants. One of these is the extreme heat of the weather and the lack of vitamins in the soil.

Other Secrets on a Healthy Soil

Because of my passion for gardening and even my wife @arrliinn has adopted it for me; I discovered another soil deficiency why it is not healthy when you plant a crop.

Did you know that rust is a great help to the soil to keep your plant healthy except for the rotting skins of fruits and vegetables? So if you have small pieces of broken steel or nails that are rusty, do not throw them away. It is better to put it in a safe container with a little water or if you already have a small garden, just mix it with soil.

Only metal-containing iron is rusty. Iron rust contains Iron, Oxygen, and Water. Now, have you ever wondered why rust is important in plants? Rust is an Iron Oxide. And Iron Oxide is a chemical compound that contains Iron and Oxygen. Did you know that rust can be used as a bomb ingredient?

Just mix the salt, the car's liquid battery, and the rust. Then wrap it in a cloth and put a little wick for the fire, and let it dry for 10 minutes and you have dynamite! Be careful, do not drop it when it dries! It could explode!

Empty Space

Now that it is empty, I can start and build my new garden and I will try to keep it clean. The problem is, if my neighbors are not clean around them, like the Arabs who just put empty boxes and used carpets on the side of their door behind the house. This is my frequent problem that I myself clean their clutter. Those who have no discipline in themselves and do not care about their surroundings.

Just this morning, I saw that their used carpets and a few boxes of their new appliances were piled up again, instead they threw them straight in the trash. Now, tell me who will not be angry with this behavior of your neighbor who is indifferent.

Now that everything is flat; I just do a little bit clean, like removing the pebbles around. It is also tiring and really dries my throat in the extreme heat of the weather. My sweat was dripping and my clothes were soaking wet. I can fill a glass of sweat! LOL

This is my only hobby every time I come home from work. "The planting". Then just rest a little and eat, and I will deal with my family while holding my phone to see if I can free-click crypto and read some posts on the hive.

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The soil must be too fertile

Yes it is... (^_^)

Hello @kennyroy husband to the amazing @arrliinn what a great blog and the garden looks sooo neat. I planted basil and have to see if it will grow.
Happy Sunday

Haha. You made me smile and my heart go "bam-bam" with the complement. ♥️ Thanks @brittandjosie. You're awesome-r! 😍

Hahaha thank you , dont forget hive pud in 10 days

Yes, of course! Hive PUD will become a monthly exercise, no matter now big or small. 😁

hahaha... It's easy to grow basil but the lettuce, oh my... I thought its easy? But it's not! @arrliinn now is happy! hahaha...

Looking good @kennyroy. I grew up on a corn farm, and the main reason we detasseled the corn was to prevent cross-pollination with other nearby corn farms. If you're trying to save seed or keep an heirloom variety's DNA intact, it may be a good idea.

It can also allow the plant to focus more energy of fruit production. Glad you're still in control of urban garden.

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Wow! I learned new from you! I remember the cross-pollination!