How to grow Sweet Potato in a Plastic Bottle

in ecoTrain2 months ago
This is my first time growing sweet potatoes in a plastic bottle and raising them directly into the fruit. I divided the sweet potato into two and soaked it in a bottle of water. The good thing about this is that, I still help the nature by recycling plastic bottles.

I should have done it a long time ago but it did not cross my mind because of the other crops I have. Now I am determined to grow and enlarge it and move some of its branches to another plastic bottle to multiply.

Five days later, he has a twig and I will just wait for it to grow before I cut or remove it from his body. Then, I will transfer him to another bag or plastic bottle. I was excited about the outcome even though I knew it would take quite a while.

My next plan is to grow Tomato and grow it upside down in the hanging bottle. I will start in September so that the weather will not be too hot.


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Super cool I don’t know they grow it this way in the bottle

Yes it is my dear... 😊 You can try it... Very simple... 😉

i will be waiting a truck load, okay? :D

Hahahaha.... I'm just thinking of you the last day, looking for your blogs! It did not appear to my feeds... (^_^)


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Thank you so much!!!


Cute! My mom also grew one sometime a month ago.

Oh yeah... That was cool!!!!!!!!! Sweet,.....

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