ecoTrain QOTW SEASON 6 #5: IS LIFE FAIR? Trying to answer in my own way!

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Both fair and unfair are deeply involved in our lives. We use these two words in different cases everyday. This week’s question from the @ecotrain community is really awesome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the questioner of the @ecotrain community for this. I'm trying to answer this week's question in my own way. I hope you like it. If you want to know about this week's question click here

Do I believe in Karma? Yah! I believe this word. Honestly, what we do now will pay off in the future! That is the reality.Honestly, what we do now will pay off in the future! That is the reality. There is a proverb in Bengali, "As action is fruit" . That is, the correct meaning is, As you sow, so you reap.

I believe that what I am doing now, I will have to suffer the consequences in the future. For example, I did not study all year. But I sat for the test. But the reality is, I can't write anything in the exam book. Because I had no preparation. So I have to get the results. In other words, as much as I have spent time or effort or talent for study, I will be able to enjoy the same results.

We do a lot of things in life that we don't get what we deserve. Apparently this is what we think. But many times we think we deserve more than what we do and the results we get. But many times we suddenly get something that we never feel we deserve. As a matter of fact, one of my friends copied from me in the exam book and he got better result than me. Which I think was not what he deserved. But that is what happened. Again I wrote very badly in a test book and wrote it in a fake way. When I got the result of this test I saw that I did well in it but I felt that I did not deserve it. That is, if you punch a wall, according to Newton's third law of motion, the wall will punch you. Ha ha. This is an example. But in the real case it is completely true. That is, it will come back to you as a reflection of what you do.

Honestly, why don't we do anything! We see its reflection. Like if we laugh then the world laughs too. And if we cry, the world cries too. In other words, "Tit for Tat".

As I believe as a Muslim, we will have to give an account of the work we do in this world in the afterlife and we will be sent to hell or paradise based on that work. So our actions determine our future. And I believe in it.

Is life Fair?

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In my opinion, the word fair depends entirely on the satisfaction of the mind. Some people are born in a rich family and their life is not fair, while others are born in a poor family but their life is fair due to their satisfaction.

I read a summary when I was a child, because a boy did not have shoes on his feet (the boy's family could not afford to buy shoes) he thought life was unfair and went out on the street in grief. But after going some distance, the boy noticed a man sitting there who had no legs. The boy thought to himself, I don't have shoes so I think life is unfair. But the man has no legs but he is thinking of his life is fair and is smiling. The boy forgot the sadness of the shoes and thought his life was fair because he had leg.

In fact, the word fair carries a different meaning from time to time. Again, the word fair is often compared to justice. If we don't get what we deserve, we call it unfair. As much as a worker works from morning to evening, the amount of wages he gets is never called fair. Especially in the case of developing countries.

I sat for a job test two years ago. Authorities then resorted to maladaptation to assist a particular group during the written test. Which we all understand. Many then questioned the quality of the test and said it was unfair.

So the word fair depends on a lot of things. But in the case of life, fairness depends entirely on our satisfaction. Because our life will be fair only if we can achieve satisfaction at the individual level. Thanks everyone.


wow... you totally hit the point of how people see life to be fair or not. Life is only fair when it hits to our satisfaction and unfair if it is the other way round. I also believe in the law of karma but somehow, life chooses to be funny. It is not always that when someone does something bad, the person receives the consequences. I am saying this because most of the people in power especially the politicians who had been looting and taking advantages of the people are yet to see their face of karma. Most times I think, would it ever happen? or what do you think?

Thank you, for your kind feedback. Politicians who have looted never once suffered the consequences of bad deeds. But after a certain period of time, they suffer the consequences of that action. Because power is not eternal. That is destiny. But yes there are some exceptions.

hmmm.. well said "power is not eternal"... thanks for your response as well. it is well appreciated.

In these days in my country, a politician of high hierarchy and responsible for the destruction of our educational system, underwent an open heart surgery. Having risen from poverty, in power, he dedicated himself to stealing and corruption and became a multimillionaire. I am sure he was hoping to wake up from the operation. He got his karma, I think. And, you could say that life was unfair because of how he ended his days or it was fair because he became rich. Depends on how you look at it, doesn't it. Greetings.

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