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The fair has many different edges and goes according to what each one believes he deserves, the parable of the prodigal son comes to my mind, where the father, forgetting what the son who left his side had done before, receives him with honors and the brother who stayed there accompanying him did not find this procedure fair, since according to his own conviction he did not deserve it.

He did not take into account the father's love that was no greater than the love he had for him but that at that specific moment he was overflowing with joy to get his son back.

What is fair depends on many circumstances and is related to the affections and moments in which the actions take place, also with the convenience of each one, since the word fair comes from justice or law and this is interpreted in many ways.

It is not fair something bad for those who pass it on, nor something good if it is not deserved, but in this case the latter is accepted, forgetting the reasons why the award is undeserved.

Like everything else in life black and white tones dominate the spectrum but are only taken literally by extremists.

Fair is relative, it can neither be maximized no minimized, and it faces the problem that it is so personal that only those around the person determine it.

It is fair for a worker to earn a wage but it is not always fair for the amount they are paid for doing so, terms get mixed up and lines get crossed.

What is absolutely certain is that justice is blind and not always fair.

In my particular case, I lost a sister in a traffic accident when she was 13 years old and I was 18 and without a doubt that seemed unfair, but years later, although it did not seem fair to me, thanks to this she did not experience things that would surely affect her.

Therein lies the implications of the word, which can be bad at one moment and good at another, as far as I am concerned, what is fair will always be that which does not harm others, even if it is not in accordance with the law, because for my Christian belief, love of neighbor must be above all else.


Life could be seen or experienced from both ends. The fair and unfair positions we go through is dictated by our responses at different point in time as we understand the situation.
Like in the story if the prodigal sin, he underestimated the live his father had for him and upon realizing he found that he had been unfair to his fair father.

Very wonderful piece. I think life is not fair in any way and that is why most times it is better to prepare for the worst. This makes you to prepare for life. Like you rightly said fairness is relative.

I love the way you used the prodigal son as an example... the circumstances of things depends if life maybe fair or not. Sometimes one may not know why things happens the way they are and may sooner get to understand some years later.

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