The Mind: How We Chose To Live It

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The Mind's Nature

Our mind is very flexible and broad, bendable and open to any form of suggestible and inasmuch as we can train ourselves to drown irrelevancies which are a product of our thoughts it's essentially important that we must firstly reckon with the fact that we're have a superfluous mind and sometimes it tends to control everything we do.

Inasmuch as some people present themselves as saints this doesn't mean they're guiltless of carnage thought, suggestions, musings, perceptions, opinion and emotions. There are times we manifest acts of kindness, love and compassion and there are times we're destructive, vengeful and domineering all this acts, personalities and dualist side of us is a manifestation of our mind.

The ability to be different person, pretend to be different, disguise, try to wear a diverse personality is why we as humans can be dangerous. Inasmuch as we all possess a "mind" some people have gotten to some many extents, they've created billions of possibilities in their mind and they begin to physically recreate some of these things that's happened in their mind and that's why some people are brilliant.

We become brilliant by expanding our mind, giving in to thoughts allow ourselves to wallow deep, bending our realties and creating endless formats. Do to man's curiosity there's a tendency for him to be dangerously creative especially when he's threatened, uncomfortable and weak.

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If we as humans have all the answers we seek even before it's sought after then there's no way we would be forced to use our mind as the most sophisticated tool we possess. One of the reasons why the human species has lived on and survived despite living through the dangers of existence is because of their superficial abilities of though which no other living species possesses.

Having the dominion to ascertain that which is right wrong, being able to calculate the advantages and disadvantages of their choices, choosing between the various voices in their head and making hard choices in other to keep their existence is why humans will exist for a long time. Like I said, we become brilliantly productive when we're fazed with challenges.

The Survival Instinct

That's why we're selfish by default but our conscience has inbued different qualities of values into us which has numbed some of the original nature we possess. For example a mother will chose to die so that her child can live, a father might chose to starve so that his children can live originally this isn't human nature.

Our nature is to survive by all means and this can truncate our will to live but then it also might not, our consciousness goes through various experiences which makes deadens our nature, it changes our perspective about being selfish when it comes to survival and that's why when it comes to making choices our conscience takes us, it brings emotions and memories of love and loyalty and dedication and passion and that's what really determines our choices.

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The Mind: An Iota Of Limitation?

Without a doubt, I don't still believe we can fully attribute to who we are. This is because there's no limitations with the mind and that's why there's no limitations to who we can be. The only reason we see limitation is because we often chose to be who we are despite the many people we can be we chose to stick to a favourable version of us because of this we refuse to give in to the darkness or dive into that rabbit hole and lose ourselves.

We're becoming more advanced, sophisticated and better everyday, were embracing the light in us and shredding the darkness because of the evolution we experience and give in to. Nevertheless experiences of life is what changes our nature and the reason we will still continue having bad people is because a lot of people will chose to hold on to their dark side because it appeals to the kind of experiences they have gone through.

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Our mind is always at work and our mind can be stretched to any length as far as we are ready to do it so this is why anything we want to imagine can always be done.

The mind is a very strong part of human body and it's presence always stimulates us into action but it's left for us to channel it towards positivity.

Anything we feed our mind will be displayed in our actions.

Thanks for the input, the mind is limitless and sophisticated by all means.

Hmm, I believe one can control to an extent what he or she let into the mind and also ponder about those things.
The mind is the center of everything we tend to do as humans because before we do anything or accept anything, we must have already had it in mind and pondered about it.

There is no elastic limit when it comes to what we feed our mind so there is always every need that we use our thinking faculty to do that which would better our lives

There's a sort of limitations to our actions, but this doesn't extend to an inate aspect of our mind which suffers no sort of limitations. Thanks for your comments

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