The Choice To Seeing Futility In Pressure And Hastiness In Life's Ventures.

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A time comes in life where people struggle with what they should be, who they should be and the paths they need to thread in life. Sometimes we make decisions and choices out of desperation and these eventually leads to the ultimate mistake. Being pressured is one of the reasons why we eventually succumb to things; there are cravings we have in life, needs and sometimes habits that we often cultivate.

Eventually these things would end up becoming addictions but because we already know this, we end up struggling with the dilemma of doing the right or wrong things. Irrespective of the fact that we learn from the mistakes of others it doesn't mean every single day we don't struggle with the pressure of staying away from things that would eventually cause these mistakes.

Each and everyday in the life of a human is a struggle; we deal with having to make sacrifice, making the tough call for the cause of the greater good, putting our happiness on the line because it might just be the fountain of someone else's sadness. We struggle with keeping up to speed with our conscience, the split personality we face when it comes to satiating our excesses or choosing to be ignore this innate desires.

Everyday we fight silent wars, how to kill two birds with one stone, achieving the height of happiness while making sure our happiness brings happiness to other people as well. In this quest, we get caught up with diverse unconformable situations and at the end of the day, it's either we win or we lose, however it is, we learn and then we begin again.

Patience is a mirage, it often feels like one because life itself moves at a fast pace and even if the ultimate thing is to wait, create our own track, run our race and move at our own speed sometimes we can't help but being influenced by externalities.

Pressure is something almost everyone succumbs too, pressure is what makes patience a mirage, pressure comes from within and without and this is why sometimes we feel too lazy for waiting, it's feels like a bad decisions to follow life through rather slowly but then the more we make haste, the more it becomes rather difficult for us to see the little details in front of us, the reasons why we're running is to give our life a definition and make meaning out of our existence.



This is why we need to be careful, in life everyone wants to be cut a slack especially if we consider the fact that we are humans facing inhuman conditions. Sometimes when we look at how suprisingly good we have come out especially from many unfavourable conditions it makes us appreciate how far we have come but then dwelling on this is often detrimental.

Sometimes we wish there were people who would be ready to buy into our struggles and understand where we are coming from and this desperation often makes us make mistakes, we fail to realise it's only "us" who can truly understand "us", it's only us who can truly love us and this is why we should shouldn't make the mistake of thinking we would find people who loves us more then we do ourselves.

The ultimate goal is patience and training our mind to achieving it. Pressure often leads to the worse of mistakes, no one is bigger than the need to feel pressured but sometimes we need to achieve a certain height where we see it as a necessary futility that shouldn't drive us but make us aware. Pressure shouldn't be a motivation for us to make decisions, it only result in uncalculated choices.

There is not certainly to anything in life but that doesn't mean we should have uncertain tendencies; have irrationality embedded into us. While we have been given the gift of life, we need to make most of it and prioritize our happiness as the sole aim. Don't rush to get a job, have a car or find acceptance. Sometimes we need to stop trying, the universe does it's things. Our creator does his things and sometimes it's our effort that stops things we really need from happening to us.

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