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RE: Summer Garden Update: Sweet Potato raised beds

in ecoTrain3 months ago

So if the potato leaves begins to turn yellow then it means it's beginning to mature for harvest right?
Wait the potato leaves are edible? Wow this is the first time I'm hearing it. Do you like need to cook it too? Or munch it raw?


Yeah usually the yellowing of leaves means the plant is done growing and so will the spuds underground. If the frosts come first I just pull them out so they dont get frozen. But usually the yellowing of the leaves happen right around that time.

Yep @cryptopie taught me that, I did not know you could eat raw Sweet Potato leaves. You can saute them but I like to eat them right off the plant. It tastes like salad greens to me.

It tastes like salad greens to me.

Hahaha that's a new one. I didn't even know, I'll probably check out potatoes if I get to my village and Maybe I'll try cooking it as well.

Just remember only Sweet Potato leaves can be eaten as far as I know. If you ate white, yellow or red Potato leaves they can make you sick.

Sweet Potatoes are in a different family than other Potatoes.