Mentally Evolving With Our Ecosystem; How Can We Choose To Tame Our Beautiful Devastation?

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We often build our social skills by interacting, making mistakes, unlearning redundant things and learning relevant things. There are rules and norms all around us and trying to sometimes attain a standard of normalcy is what we mostly strive to attain. The human society has her own unique definition of normalcy of which everyone is expected to blend into but then we make these rules only for us to be the people to break them. The truth is that we as humans, we're hardly our definitions of "normal", we understand that we can be overreaching, we can sometimes be wild and our excesses can be dangerous to ourselves the people around us.

In reality we ourselves understand that we need to be civilised because inasmuch as we're brilliant to understand why we should be good people rather than "not so good" people at our weakest we can be devastating, we can be dangerous and we can be creatively lethal. But then life's becoming less savage and the human man is more different, we now channel our time to creating innovativeness, choosing to take a path of sophistication and that's why we've evolved to making exceptional rules for ourselves while choosing a suitable punishment when we ourselves chose to go against these rules.

Whether we realise this or not, we're chipping off some of our scales and losing a lot of old mentalities learning how to live anew by interacting with our fellow humans but this doesn't mean we have lost our nature, nowadays we now wear different masks to cover our ugly sides, we learn nice accent and wear customised smiles to cover our darkness, our indulgences, habits, and even our addictions. This shows that we're constricting to civilisation and sophistication. back in the days the only to kill someone might be to send paid killers nowadays we have more decent and euphemised ways to kill people without even batting the eyes, this shows we are not totally changing, we're evolving to become a more creative version of ourselves.

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This goes on to show that we don't always need brawn, nowadays brain can defeat brawn and there are many people clutched to their computers, performing dangerous cyber crimes, hacking into banks and looting many from the comfort of their bedrooms. What does this activity envisage? It shows that we're becoming less physical and our mind is activating more than our bodies. We've realised that the mind is the most powerful part of our body and the most potent weapon we possess and nowadays people utilise it for evil as much as they use it to do good things. Now as much as we're learning to fly planes, go to the farthest places in space, build a virtual space where our mind can project and travel to, we're also automatically building bombs and sophisticated weapons as nations try to weaponically better their counterparts.

In reality, we learn both the good and bad as we're not perceptually built to turn off one part that's inclined in ourselves and turn on the other part and that's where we face huge challenges. While we're becoming better "good versions" we're also becoming better at being "a maleficent version" of ourselves. It's important that we don't lose it. Our nature can be beastly but then we have the intuition and the conscience to always put us back in the right place. There's always this voices, suggestive abilities and creative aura to be goodly evil, and sometimes we disguise with that cool aspect of us that makes us unreadable to people around us but inasmuch as we can't change our nature, we can do well to key into the beauty of life and why it's essential we don't contribute to harming our fellow humans and our ecosystem.

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