How Social Media Tends To Amplify Negative Values In The Society Where I Come From.

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Social media in my society has amplified a lot of negative value which includes the need for hasty money, the pressure to get married before 30, exposure to ventures with unrealistic ROIs, marrying for satisfaction and not for love. These things are what you experience everyday going through facebook or going through twitter.

The one that's obvious is of course the trend of getting married before 30, many people have made this become a sort of societal norm. Most girls hence kill any ambition to dream big thus, aiming to be dependent on whoever choses the become their husbands.

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While I'm not a fan of feminism on any grounds the society where I come from has made women to be sort of the weaker vessels they don't think a woman should dare to dream, they believe marriage is the "holy grail", a sort of accomplishment for any girl. A sort of feather to the cap of any girl. For some, it's a sin to be single for too long, they believe there is no height of life accomplishment that would make meaning without marriage.

Because of this, some girls take comfort in the mindset that they will get married especially to a man with means and then have children and that would be all. This feels really erroneous; most times people champion the cause of marriage through the social media and if they would also champion the challenges and difficult that it brings there would be a sort of equilibrium which would help the reflections of others while making their decisions.

The reason why social media create such a strong impression is that it taps into the emotions of people. It creates a viral impact, swaying them to the wrong direction. A lot of ills in the society have been born through the media, lighted like a bush fire and spread Into the mind of others. People find the need to post their achievement through the media so that they can belong to the train of "sucessful people".

Nobody eventually talks about their struggle and this is absolutely where the problem begins. Rome wasn't built in a day but in the media there are everyday impression that you can even build the universe in a second. You see this through scammy ventures, through posts filled with verbosity, people living deceptive life in other to ensnare Others around them.

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The real world is where no one wants to live in, even if its a manifestion of what the social media can never bring. People want to tap into the perfection they see on social media forgetting that no one will ever tag themselves villians in their own story. Its so paradoxical, the deceptive is glaring but then it seems the altruism is what some would rather not face.

We see so much sucess stories that hardly have structures, rationality is being thrown out of the window. We have people who are so emotionally invested in the social media life so much that their main aim is to sell deception to people. In the Nigerian space people are getting scammed into believing the audacious ROI they seen on scammy projects and hence putting their money in.

If there are people so invested on social media it would be the people in the society where I come from. I saw a lady on the media who was ashamed of showing off who her husband was, but she would gladly show off the wealth of the man in question making a lot of young ladies feel that marriage is an external bliss with money and richness to go with it.

A lot of people has now peaked most of their decisions on the things they see making them feel that their reality needs a change or an awakening. We have to adapt a little bit of realism to our lives because this is how we'd eventually retrace our footsteps, draw the line and be influence by things that are factual, obvious and seem truthful. The social media is an amplifier and majorly we don't see a lot of positive things being amplified nowadays.

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I love what you said about this. People no longer get married because of love again some get married out of pity also. That's why most marriage union of this day aren't strong and not lasting and that is causing effect on the forthcoming offsprings

Even apart from marry out of pity. Some marry because of money especially ladies of nowadays they believe already made man and believe when they marry the love will grow in the course of the marriage and when there is no money they neglect the man and move on with their life.

Yeah that's just the idea behind it. I love that. Kudos

Exactly the truth, money is often a misplaced priority in marriage. Everyone eventually needs to work on themselves and stop being too expectant. It's Important

Exactly, it becomes problematic when we don't marry for the right reasons but out of pressure and the need to fill void.

Exactly, sometimes I reason about this and I think with myself if I might get married or get the right person to marry cus of the current situation life has turned most youths of this generation. You no longer trust anyone again than yourself alone

Marriage is though, getting the right people is even tougher

Exactly its just God that can lead us in this current time

Everyone wants to impress or oppress someone else to feel better than them, the real life doesn't work that way, some people even borrow material things to flunt on social media for those who doesn't know what hardship they are going through to start felling unlucky.

And about marriage, I notices that in the olden days, our forefathers hardly get divorced, divorce is the trending story of now these days, that is because then the only reason why marriage happens is because of love, these days there are other things attached to it, now when those things fade out. Love disappears and homes get scatters

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