Ecotrain QOTW; Season 6 #2: Stress Busting!

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The Stress Anatomy; Simplified Or Amplified?

Stress is a condition that accumulates as a result of constant physical or mental strain to the body, mind, spirit and soul. Each and everyday of our lives we're often put under pressure this comes as a result of inevitable circumstances like working, taking on challenges and responsibilities, acting up our roles in life, providing necessary and needed activities which are crucial for our survival as human.

Without these actions we're not supceptible to progress, go by in our lives and become achievers. The reason why we say we're stressed is because of conditions that results from putting in too much energy more than our body and mind can take. Life's challenges requires mental and physical readiness and sometimes when ww undergo these challenges we often tend to lose give in too much which end up causing fatigue.

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In essence, no one in the world is in perfect mental shape because being alive alone is challenging, the right food to eat, practices that would ensure wellness, habits and treatment that would ensure a long life span. Sometimes we don't follow these procedure sometimes we feel we know everything that ensure inner peace and accurate gentility but then we obviously don't.

We're fighting two battles everyday; the battle on the inside and the battle on the outside. This means that our mind is constantly working, sometimes we overuse it by going to work everyday, being caught up in traffic, staying up at night to think about the right formula to become rich. Some people might feel wellness, they feel at peace but then going through constant stress can suddenly break one down whereas they think their mental health is at peace.

Stress Defined; My Personal Experience

This comes to me; in seven years I worked in a firm, earning quite meagerly and only saving about 200$ in seven years. Throughout this job I was feeling good, I was never unhappy, my body was completely good, even if I had an underlying medical condition I was still fine. What I didn't know was that I accumulate stress for seven years.

When one's body and mind gets acclimatised to stress, it becomes difficult for them to know they're stressed, sometimes stress goes beyond being happy or unhappy, it's a state where your overall well-being is compromised and you feel this through your whole anatomy. After seven years I fell ill for more than a month, couldn't move, couldn't eat and couldn't sleep.

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This was a period where I began to retrace my steps, I never paid attention to my wellness and this was because I felt good, sometimes when people are rich, they feel at ease, at peace and do not feel challenged, whether we're happy or unhappy stress can hit us anytime. Overworking our minds and resting our body doesn't mean we can't slip into stress and vice versa.

Take a look at the lockdown, while people are physically good, but then having to be locked down, getting worried, not being able to work or freely relate with one's human environment brings a certain sadness which we sometimes cannot fathom, the world is unsafe, the virus has been niggling, people have lose jobs, some others have lost their families and relationships have broken, this is challenging and at almost everyone in the world has exactly felt one of these constraints one time or the other.

The Ultimate Solution

I find it challenging to overwork myself and still achieve very little, the truth is, I'm under constant pressure to make it work, once a man cannot beat poverty in my society, they're treated with disdain and lack of respect this brings me stress, the Unfavourable conditions I have to go through just to get by in life is challenging. I'm at a level where I have no option but to go through constant stress, I basically have no way to deal with this long-term.

What I usually do is to take the short term break to recuperate, get myself back into the thick of things and continue the challenge again. The fact that we're alive makes us prone to challenges and we only need to find the recipe to heal, take on challenges, heal again and continue in life. Life's natural is competitive hence stress becomes a certainty which we sadly need to manage.

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