ecoTrain QOTW: Are You A 'Hugger Or A Shrugger' In These Pandemic Times?

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First of all I'll like to say that these pandemic times has changed people, their norms, their attitude and even their morality as well. Death is of course one thing everyone is afraid of and just watching the numbers of affected or dead people that's talked about on television shills the fear in the minds of people. I do believe that being a hugger or shrugger depends on one's country or location. In Nigeria my country the majority of people we have are huggers this is because many have hardly seen anyone with Corona virus contrary to the numbers that the government are televising on air.

I'll like to say my country has been least affected, and I'll like to say my country is a developing country and most states where opinion of people are exchanged are in the rural areas, of course I live in the rural area. So how come many people are going about their activities, mixing up with people in the market and exchanging handshake without anyone getting infected? Truth is, it's only logical as long as people who lives and work in a rural never leaves their little setting for the bigger cities exposing themselves with government officials who travel outside the country just to treat a fever then it's fine. The raw fact is that most African country were just affected in a tiny scale and they've handle it just fine without breaking the economy. Nigeria for example.

So in the place where I live, most people conduct parties, marriages burial and small gathering including large gatherings. Sometimes official of the law arrests these people and extort lockdown fees on them but the truth is that people happily pay these fees because they've been gathering together for a long time and no one has ever shown a symptom of the virus at all. Truth is me in particular I've gathered in large crowds, not because I don't believe in the virus but because I feel we haven't really been hit like countries like Italy or England and hence our lockdown rules are supposed to be different.

So corruption is why the government are actually not opening schools, cinema and other places just like countries with more serious cases are doing. The government have generated about 1.6 billion naira in grant from other countries and if they open schools at this time, they'll stop receiving this grant and these monies they've collected they've hardly used it to establish a working system that will restore back lives, feed people and stabilise the market cost of purchasing goods and services and this is the main reason why people go about their activities without thinking about contracting the virus because they mostly believe the numbers televised on air are mostly lies and it's far lesser than they say it is.

In the next 12 months I think everywhere will have been more than stabilised. We don't have people who are scared of the virus here this is because majority of the people hardly knows anyone who's been infected. Officials are the only one's enacting lockdown rules but in most cases no one obeys them and people are just fine by all means. "I think particularly I've been glad our country hasn't been affected much and the noise we've been hearing is just the government's scheme to make as much money from the situation. Although some prominent people has been infected and others too as well but this is because they're always exposed to people from outside the country and this has been the situation.

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I really love your view on this post and to some extent i share your sentiments and some of your opinion.....but i will still want us to reason it this way; Why will a government that is not mad and is in it's right frame of mind shotdown it's economy, just because it want to get the World health pandemic grant? For me it doesn't make sense because i really don't see how much of a grant that will be given to a country that will be greater than what the country's economy under different sectors will be producing considering the fact that not only one country or ten countries was affected but the world so making grants coming in to different countries smaller than it use to.
During the time when Ebola and Lassa fever hit africa, the countries affected received so much because they were few and the normal World donors were not affected and were ready to donate but in this case everycountry is really looking to hold to what it has in the fight before helping other countries. So brother what i am saying is it will be criminal and insane for a government to shotdown it's economy if the pandemic wasn't a threat to the live of it's citizens. You may not know or you may not have seen someone who's infected or has lost his or her life to this pandemic but i tell you having seen and known someone affected and has lost his life to this virus that the virus is really in Nigeria and It's for me a miracle that we are not being hit more than how it was first predicted as the casualty would have been so bad because we have a system that's not even ready for such pandemic.

Why will a government that is not mad and is in it's right frame of mind shotdown it's economy, just because it want to get the World health pandemic grant?

Truth is, I never said the virus doesn't exist, I've seen a televised isolation centre. My point is the numbers are fabricated and never true. If you must know government actions are driven by greed, it's not logical like you say but we have greedy people in power Nigeria is their ATM machine and they don't care who suffers so they can make their money

I agree on's bad that the system is corrupt and has so failed to the extent that it's longer trustworthy.

Rightly said, The count by NCDC doesn't prove to be correct and no one believes the figures. Somehow the masses doesn't even believe those top personnel who died suffered from Coronavirus because questions are still raised why they were buried by family and friends against the default norms. If western countries stop the funding, no doubt , the real state of the situation will be unveiled. Nice work jose

You're definitely right. I believe lies are spread in the media and many things aren't really true. I've upvoted one of your posts and I'll keep checking back thanks for the comment

Mannnnn! I should give your write up a kiss. I can relate the situation you are describing being the fact I am also a Nigerian and it is hard to even say that this virus is widely circulated the way it has been figured to be. And the fear of the people is gone, which is very dangerous considering the fact it would make us more vulnerable to the threat! Well, aside that, your article has really inspired me today to do a lot more of writing concerning the situation of things in not just Nigeria, but Africa as a whole. Kudos bro!😁

You're welcome man, I'll check out the content immediately you put them out

Ok man👍

Bro, i have seen cases. A lot of hidden truth. All i will say herr is that Nigeria is corrupt. I stay with people who work in NCDC and the politics is terrible. Nice opinion i swear.. this is another way to look at it