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Introduction & Definition

Communication according to me, is an act of passing across a message through which "meaning" is often established. Without meaning or mutual understanding being established, then communication is not complete.

In the world generally, communication is what we use to depend on to shar e feelings, intent, message or even relay an opinion, a personal stance or even "our truth" it's how we tend to allow people understand our own point of view, tell our story and have it mean something or interpreted. Language is what we often use to com municate. When people commuonicate they do this through a means and of course the means is always language.

Language & Understanding

Now inasmuch as language is the ultimate means to communication, understanding needs to be established for a communication process to be finally complete. And this is why communication would need me who is the sender and you who is actually reading as the receiver. When you have two people with a message as the center and a reciever successfully interpreting the message that's being passed across we would say s communication process is essentially complete.

Now two people will of course need to speak and understand the same kind of language for them to actually communication, language is a huge barrier to communication and when there's a difference in language between two people who aim to communicate then a communication process would never happen.

Now on a more personal note. Communication problems is what we often encounter on a daily basis. There's is always a problem of people placing a different meaning to what we have actually said. We often struggle with making "our truth" known almost everyday without hitting the wrong nerve in others. This is because not everyone has a deep understanding of how to decode or interprete a message rightly. I broke up with my girlfriend recently and this was because of communication purposes.

While I am someone who wants physical communication she was someone that wants or prefers communicating through electronic means. As a result of this there was a disparity in what we wanted, this is because physical communication beats anything and creates more meaning and understanding.

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More Communication Ingredients

Sometimes when we communicate through electronic means we miss out on some ingredients of communication that really matters a lot. Facial expressions and body language are essence of communication which we often need to drive home the things we often convey when we use a verbal stance on communication.

Sometimes we selling our points are important in communication and we often can accomplish this through facial expressions this is the reason why people sometimes fails to interpret a person's message completly because it lacks all these essence. Sometimes we communicate emotionally and sometimes someone may fail to see this if they do not see physically. While verbal communication is more rampant we often need more non-verbal communication to place a sense of altruism to whatever we're saying.

Conclusion & Communicative Essence

In that sense, everyone sometimes fails to communicate properly at one point in time in their lives. Dissonance is when people fail to communicate essentially well and this is why we have so many conflict between friends, family, acquaitances, colleagues and many more. When people misread or place a different meaning to a message then communication essential becomes void.

This is why it's Important for us as agents of communication to try as much as possible always to understand how to communicate, not just this but to be able to decode a message properly when the roles are reversed. Communication is one of the key to a safe and peaceful human society and hence one of the reason why each and everyone must see a need to cultivate the act of healthy communication skills.

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Communication goes a long long way in life. Only communication can kill determination, why did I say that.

Remember in the Bible, I don't exactly know where but in the old testerment.

When people cane together in determination to build a tower up to the sky, God knew if he did not break through their communication system through giving them different tongues and languages, they will actually achieve their aim.

I prefer physical communication too because these days, the same word may means something different entirely, the only way we can decode when it actually passed across is by the bodily expression that a companies it.

Lastly about being able to decode a message well depends mainly on the present mood of the receiver and the type of relationship between the sender and the receiver.

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Thank you for your insight, in reality, Communication is deep and sometimes the basic teaches and expects us to know how to encode and decode a message. Without communication, there's no innovations through it we establish growth and development and also progress achievements as humanity, poor communication is equal to conflicts and definitely we have to do better.

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