Achieving An Equilibrium Within & Without; Communication A Key To Check Mental Wellness?

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Communication is one of the ingredients that ensures wholesomeness. This is in respite to our mental wellness and a stance for perfect sanity. Each and everyday we relate to life, our environment, the people around us and even relate to ourselves, body, spirit and and soul. Before a person can eschew wellness, they must have attained a certain kind of agreement, a kind of chemistry that exists inwardly and this is called intra-personal relationship.

We can say a person is sound if they can corectly interpret the space in front of them and give a plausible feedback. How can we differentiate between a sane and an insane person? We can; by testing their ability to discern, place meaning to their communicative tendencies and see if it collates or feels synonymous to what we deem as relateable meaning.

Before we can achieve inter-personal communication, we must have undergone the process of intra-personal relationship, this means that what we are on the outside is determined by what have managed to become on the inside. Sometimes our external experiences affects our internal rhythm.

A traumatic experience for example alters the wellness to an extent, depending on the ability of a person to withstand the degree of the circumstance. Life in itself is complex and that is why we have to be able to adapt. Our ability to adapt to the most challenging circumstance in our lives without compromising our wellness makes us become even tougher.

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At every period in our lives we often change and this change happens from within and becomes evident in our attitude, our lifestyle, our behavioural tendencies and how we relate to people and our environment. This is often conceived in our thoughts. The anatomy of the human mind is quite complex and sometimes we can find ourselves doing something different from what we have thought, planned or envisaged.

Each and everyday we cope with different voices and we often tend to listen to the most domineering. Sometimes we end up indecisive without being able to make a resolution. This creates a turmoil within us and we find ourselves being troubled, it affects our mood from without and this affects our ability to eschew a sound mental health.

The anatomy of all the aspects of the human body bases on communication. When there is shortage of blood or heamoglobin in the body, it communicates weakness or dizziness externally. This shows a certain dependability which sometimes might feel like a vulnerability. It means we human in general are naturally dependable, we rely on external factors to validate us and simultaneously we have to be prepared as well.

Communication is how we attain this validation. We look to people to measure our sanity and strength and that's how we know if our wholesomeness has been compromised. Sometimes we cannot always tell if we're whole; a person might not always be conscious of sanity and that's why we need each other to not only act as a mirror or a check but help us when hitting rock bottom.

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In conclusion; communication internally and externally is how we sometimes attain a sound mind. There must be an equilibrium between what we give out and what we take in. In this respite it's important for us to often remain whole within to become whole without. It's not easy to live in life and have a seamless or effortless journey, we will be tested by life changing experiences and it's always relevant to train ourselves to become better, maintain that wellness else we might just being to lose it.

Sometimes people slip into depression and not even money can cheer them up, they don't find a reason to be alive and they don't even know why. Our lives are fragile and sometimes our protective walls are broken and we're compromised. Understanding how altruistic this is, is how we begin our journey to recovery.

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In an insane world a sane person will look a bit strange, so looking for validation from the insane is barking up the wrong tree

Hahaha quite paradoxical but totally correct, we're obviously living in an insane world, sometimes what seems insane is generally sane to us. Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate.