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RE: How Social Media Tends To Amplify Negative Values In The Society Where I Come From.

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I love what you said about this. People no longer get married because of love again some get married out of pity also. That's why most marriage union of this day aren't strong and not lasting and that is causing effect on the forthcoming offsprings


Even apart from marry out of pity. Some marry because of money especially ladies of nowadays they believe already made man and believe when they marry the love will grow in the course of the marriage and when there is no money they neglect the man and move on with their life.

Yeah that's just the idea behind it. I love that. Kudos

Exactly the truth, money is often a misplaced priority in marriage. Everyone eventually needs to work on themselves and stop being too expectant. It's Important

Exactly, it becomes problematic when we don't marry for the right reasons but out of pressure and the need to fill void.

Exactly, sometimes I reason about this and I think with myself if I might get married or get the right person to marry cus of the current situation life has turned most youths of this generation. You no longer trust anyone again than yourself alone

Marriage is though, getting the right people is even tougher

Exactly its just God that can lead us in this current time