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RE: ecoVillages Journal #15: A NEW VISION IS BORN: A new, ultra de-centralised approach to rapid ecoBuild adoption in Penamacor, Portugal.

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So is this like recycling (or actually upcycling) entire villages? That's a mindblowing idea! Can't wait to see updates of these ideas put into practice, sounds very promising. Love and good vibes to see all this succeed!


thats EXACTLY it! you totally got it.. i nearly even used those words, but it sounds a bit weird to up-cycle a village... also its not in bad shape at all.. its just devoid of much life,.. which i also kind of like! Just really mellow old people sitting on benches here and there..

but yeah wow it makes SO much sense huh! School is ready and going, it just need better teachers for international children.. everything is there really that we need to get started.. and decentralising the land like this is just perfect really in SO many ways.. i could write a long list i think! thanks for the support! <3